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Know Your Elections 2022 Vice Presidential Candidate: Vicente “Tito” C. Sotto III

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Get to know Vicente “Tito” Sotto III before elections 2022; his background, educational political achievements, and other details.

The May 9 elections are just a few weeks away. So, it is high time that we get to know our candidates to choose the right people to take the highest positions in our country. The Know Your Elections 2022 Candidate is a series of blogs containing fact-based information from the candidates’ official websites and other credible sources.

Below is the list of Presidential Candidates for Elections 2022 included in this series:

Below is the list of Vice Presidential Candidates for Elections 2022 included in this series:

Vice-Presidential Candidate: Vicente “Tito” C. Sotto III

Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III is the vice-presidential aspirant of the Lacson-Sotto tandem, with Ping Lacson as his running partner during the elections in 2022. Below are his personal, educational, and political details.

Tito Sotto: Personal Information

Born on August 24, 1948, in Manila, Philippines, Vicente Sotto, later known as Tito Sotto, is  the son of Marcelino Antonio Ojeda Sotto and Dr. Herminia Castelo. He married Helen Gamboa on September 22, 1969, and they have four children together: Romina Frances, Diorella Maria, Gian Carlo, and Ciara Anna.

Tito Sotto: Educational Information

Tito Sotto completed his college degree at Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Intramuros, Manila with a Bachelor of Arts major in English. He then enrolled in the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Executive Program for Leaders in Development, which he completed in June 2000.

Tito Sotto: Non-political Work History

Before his affiliation with politics, Senator Tito Sotto had a career in showbiz. Tito Sotto began his career in the entertainment industry in the 1960s as a member of the band Tilt Down Men. Later, he was appointed Vice President of Orly Ilacad’s Vicor Music Corporation. In 1986, his composition “Magkaisa” became the People Power Revolution’s anthem.

He made a name for himself as a comedian alongside his brother Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon. Tito, Vic, and Joey became the main hosts of the long-running noontime show Eat Bulaga!

He has also appeared in movies ‘Doctor, Doctor, We are Sick’, ‘Naku Ha!’, and ‘D’Gradwts’ in the 1980’s.

Tito Sotto: Political Information

Tito Sotto, an award-winning composer, world-class bowler, and producer who launched the careers of some of the country’s biggest singers, was not satisfied with his private achievements.

Tito Sotto, now Tito Sen, shifted his focus to public service, and he was equally prolific in this endeavor. He was elected as Quezon City’s vice mayor in a resounding victory.  He introduced the policy framework for the country’s anti-drug campaign. He is in charge of over 100 laws and has held every leadership position in the Senate. Below are the government positions he held.

  • March 2018 – Present – Senate President of the Philippines
  • July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2016 – Senator, Republic of the Philippines
    • Majority Floor Leader, Senate of the Philippines, 15th Congress (July 26, 2010)
  • 2008 July to 2009 November – Chairman, Dangerous Drugs Board, Office of the President
  • 1992 to 1998 – Senator, Republic of the Philippines Majority Floor Leader
  • 1998 to 2004 – Senate of the Philippines 12th Congress  (2002 – 2004)
    • Minority Floor Leader, Senate of the Philippines 12th Congress (2002)
    • Asst. Minority Floor Leader, Senate of the Philippines 12th Congress (2002)
    • Majority Floor Leader, Commission on Appointments (1998 – 2002)
    • Assistant Majority Floor Leader, Senate of the Philippines (1992 to 1998)
    • Chairman, Senate Committee on Public Services (1998 – 2001)
    • Chairman, Senate Committee on Science and Technology (1999 – 2001)
    • Chairman, Senate Committee on Local Government (1992 to 1998)
    • Chairman, Senate Committee on Tourism (1992 to 1998)
    • Chairman, Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs (1996 to 1997)
    • Chairman, Joint Oversight Committee on Local Government Code (1996 to 1998)
    • Chairman, Senate Committee on Youth and Sports Development (1995 – 1996)
    • Chairman, Senate Committee on Rural Development (1995 – 1996)
  • 1988 to 1992 – Vice-Mayor, Quezon City
    • Presiding Officer, Quezon City Council (1988 – 1992)
  •  Chairman, Quezon City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (1988 – 1992)

Tito Sotto: Accomplishments

Senator Tito Sotto is the chamber’s most senior member, having served as a senator for more than two decades. He has also served nine Senate presidents.

With his long tenure in the Senate – from 1992 to 2004, and again from 2010 to the present – let us look at some of the bills he helped to pass into law.

  • Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 (Republic Act 9165), which serves as the government’s framework in battling illegal drugs
  • Family Courts Act of 1997 (RA 8369), which established family courts with exclusive jurisdiction over child and family cases
  • Laws that converted many municipalities into cities like Makati, Marikina, Pasig, Parañaque, and Muntinlupa, among others cityhood laws
  • Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2012 (RA 10856)
  • Kasambahay Law (RA 10361)
  • Rural Farms School Act (RA 10681), which establishes rural farm schools as an alternative mode of secondary education
  • Amendment to the Juvenile Justice Law, mandating the creation of Bahay Pag-Asa, an intensive juvenile and intervention center, in LGUs
  • Amendment to the Intellectual Property Code, which strengthens IP rights protection by granting enforcement powers to the Intellectual Property Office. However, the law’s provision allowing warrantless searches, raids, and seizure was criticized for being a violation of the Bill of Rights of the 1987 Constitution.
  • While he did not sponsor the Cybercrime Prevention Act, he drew criticisms for proposing a provision on cyber libel, which was eventually adopted by the Senate and the House.
  • Expanded Senior Citizens Act (RA 9994)
  • Open High School System Act (RA 10665)
  • Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act (RA 10666)
  • Children’s Emergency Relief and Protection Act (RA 10821), mandating protection for children before, during, and after disasters
  • National Athletes, Coaches, and Trainers Benefits and Incentives Act (RA 9064)
  • Maritime Industry Act (MARINA) (RA 10635)
  • National Teacher’s Day (RA 10743)

Laws passed in the 17th Congress

Vicente “Tito” Sotto III has passed 7 laws in the current 17th Congress, where he served as majority leader and then Senate President, with 4 bills** awaiting President Duterte’s signature. Among these are:

  • Anti-Hazing Law**
  • Mental Health Law**
  • Pagkaing Pinoy Para sa Batang Pinoy Act** 
  • Occupational Safety and Health Standards Act** 
  • Anti-Hospital Deposit Law (RA 10932)
  • Postponement of the 2017 barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections (RA 10952)
  • TRAIN law (RA 19963)

Tito Sotto: Affiliations

Senator Tito Sotto or Tito Sen is under the Nationalist People’s Coalition or NPC from 2007 up to present. His other political affiliations before were United Nationalist Alliance or UNA and Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino or LDP from 2013-2015 and 1987-2007 respectively.

Awards and Citations

  • International Award of Honor
    • International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association, (Sept. 2, 1991 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U. S. A.)
  • 2nd International Award of Honor (Hall of Fame)
    • International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association, (Nov. 18, 1996 – Bahia Hotel, San Diego, Calif., U. S. A.)
  • Catholic Mass Media Radio Award
    • Archdiocese of Manila for composing the song “Magkaisa”
  • International Gold Medalist
    • Ten Pin Bowling
  • 7 Time National Team Member
    • Philippine Bowling Congress
  • 2 Time World Cupper
    • Ten Pin Bowling ( 1978 and 1984)

Plagiarism Issues

In 2012, Sotto was accused of plagiarizing several passages in a speech in the Philippine Senate opposing the Reproductive Health Bill.

Several local and international news outlets, as well as internet users, reported that Sotto stole the passages from Sarah Pope’s 2011 blog entry, an American home economist blogger. Sotto claimed to be quoting Natasha Campbell-McBride, who was mentioned in the blog post.

When Pope learned of the controversy, she confirmed Sotto’s plagiarism in another blog entry on August 16, 2012, strongly criticizing Sotto for the plagiarism, denying it, and his stance on contraception. She also stated that she had no plans to sue. 

In a comment on Pope’s blog, Sotto’s chief of staff admitted to using the blog post but failing to credit Pope’s work. Pope responded to the comment by criticizing Sotto’s position on the Reproductive Health Bill once more.

Moreover, Kerry Kennedy, the late American senator Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter and president of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, wrote a public letter to Sen. Sotto on November 9, 2012, accusing him of flagrantly and deceptively plagiarizing Robert F. Kennedy’s 1966 Day of Affirmation speech in his remarks to the Philippine Senate on September 5, 2012. Sotto has since apologized, but he still refuses to admit he plagiarized his speech. – WhatALife! / Hannah

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