Home 299-peso engagement ring issue ignites debate among netizens

299-peso engagement ring issue ignites debate among netizens

299 peso engagement ring ignites debate among netizens

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Facebook has erupted in a frenzy due to a 299-peso engagement ring issue which was posted from an anonymous user on a Facebook page sharing her mixed emotions regarding her 8-year-long boyfriend’s proposal.

The post, which was posted by Hugot Ni Juan last January 3, has gone viral, stirring up a heated online debate about the value of love versus the price of an engagement ring. 

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The controversy began when an anonymous user shared her mixed emotions about receiving a 299-peso engagement ring from her boyfriend of eight years.

The user expressed feeling guilty and upset about the modest cost, prompting her to question whether she is being immature for having such sentiments.

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Not long after, the online community quickly weighed in on the situation, with opinions divided on whether the cost of an engagement ring should be a reflection of the depth of love. 

Some users argued that the sentimental value of the ring should be the focus, emphasizing the emotional connection rather than the monetary worth and that there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it is given wholeheartedly. 

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Others, on the other hand, had a different approach to the 299-peso engagement ring issue. 

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