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PhilSys National ID: Everything You Need to Know

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Whether an individual wants to open a bank account or travel to a different country, it’s always handy to have a valid ID ready. But instead of lugging around multiple copies of identification, a National ID collates an individual’s information in one card for convenience. The National ID originates from The Republic Act No. 1105, or the Philippine Identification System Act. It aims to establish a single identification system where Filipino citizens and alien residents can have a foundational ID to present when making transactions.

The Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) is the official government platform that handles the registration and rollout of the IDs. Learn how you can obtain your own National ID here!

What is a National ID in the Philippines?

The Philippine National ID (PhilID) is a valid form of identification that Filipino citizens and alien residents can present when transacting with the government and private sectors. 

Each ID contains a citizen’s name, gender, address, birthday, blood type, and civil status. It also includes a PhilSys Number (PSN), a 12-digit number unique to each citizen. But the most essential feature of the ID is its smart chip that has the cardholder’s biometrics, iris scan, and facial image reception code.

In addition, the National ID links an individual’s identification numbers to the following: 

If you wish to acquire one, National ID registration is currently ongoing. Below are the requirements and steps you need when obtaining your ID successfully.

What are the requirements to get a National ID?

To register, PhilSys requires you to bring an original copy of the following National ID requirements:

  • Philippine Statistics Authority(PSA)-issued birth certificate and one government-issued valid ID
  • Philippine passport
  • GSIS or SSS-issued Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card (UMID)
  • Land Transportation Office (LTO)-issued Student’s License Permit or Non-Professional/Professional Driver’s License

If one doesn’t have any of the documents above, they can bring an original copy of any of these secondary documents: 

  • Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO)-issued birth certificate
  • PSA-issued Certificate of Foundling
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Identification Card
  • Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID
  • Seaman’s book
  • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID
  • Senior Citizen’s ID
  • Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance

How do I register for a National ID?

Once you have your original copy of your chosen document, you can register anytime. PhilSys used to allow online registration through the National ID online registration link. But it’s currently disabled, so you can personally complete the registration process in one go.

So, instead of filling out the National ID online registration form before proceeding to a center, you can go straight to the center to complete the sign-up process. Simply find the nearest active registration center in your region.

How long does it take to receive the Philippine national ID?

Once you have successfully completed the registration process, you just have to wait for your National ID to arrive. The Philippine Post Office (PHLPost) will deliver it to your home address, and it usually takes a few months to process your ID.

How do I track my PSA National ID?

To track the status of your National ID, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Find Transaction Reference Number (TRN). It’s a 29-digit number listed on an individual’s PhilSys Transaction Slip.
  2. Proceed to PHLPost’s Tracking page.
  3. Enter TRN in the Tracking Number Field, and press Track.

If the results say “Not found, ” your application is still being processed. But if it says “In Transit”, your ID is on its way, and you can check its delivery status.

What is an ePhilID?

An ePhilID is a digital version of an individual’s National ID. It’s an alternative identification if you still haven’t received a physical copy of your National ID.

You can download the PDF file of your ePhilID through the PhilSys page. Simply enter your TRN to check the status of your ePhilID. If it’s ready, the page provides a download link.

  1. Fill out the necessary information.
  2. Enter the One-Time Password you received via text message or e-mail.
  3. Select the preferred date and time of appointment.
  4. Review all the details and submit the appointment request.

You must present your PhilSys transaction slip, appointment slip, and one valid ID on the day of your appointment to claim your printed ePhilID.

Final Thoughts

Everyone isn’t required to register for a National ID, but having one as proof of identification can be handy. It connects your SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG identification numbers, so you don’t need to present multiple IDs when making a transaction. 

Fortunately, PhilSys has made the registration process hassle-free so that you can complete the steps in a few quick minutes. The only thing you need to prepare for the registration is one original copy of your requirement and then, you’re good to go.

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