Home GUIDE: Undergoing NBI Clearance Renewal Online in the Philippines

GUIDE: Undergoing NBI Clearance Renewal Online in the Philippines

guide undergoing nbi clearance renewal online in the philippines

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The NBI Clearance Online Renewal feature has provided individuals with a convenient means of saving time. People no longer need to visit a physical NBI office to renew their clearances. By following a few easy steps and filling out the requirements, your clearance will be ready in no time, with the preferable option for personal pickup or straight delivery to your home.

Why Is It Important to Get NBI Clearance

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance is a form of legal document that certifies the individual, at the time of request, is not involved in any ongoing criminal cases within the country. The NBI Clearance has many uses. Employers commonly require this document for local or international businesses. 

In addition to job employment, the NBI clearance is also deemed as a form of valid ID. Thus, having an NBI Clearance is valid for six months to a year from the date of issuance. After this period, you must renew it.

Requirements for Online NBI Clearance

Specific documents and processes must still be completed and followed when registering or renewing official IDs. Below are the NBI clearance renewal requirements:

  • Copy of your old or expired NBI Clearance.
  • Two official IDs in the Philippines. The following IDs are deemed acceptable for the NBI renewal process:
    • Birth certificate (Original copy)
    • National ID
    • Driver’s License
    • Official Passport
    • PhilHealth ID
    • Police clearance
    • Postal ID
    • Barangay clearance (For first-time seekers)

Before renewing your account, it is important to note that official NBI offices don’t accept photocopied, damaged, and/or expired IDs. Personnel are very strict on the following requirements, so adhering to the guidelines and preparing any of the accepted IDs mentioned is essential. Your expired NBI Clearance can also serve as a valid ID requirement.

How Can I Renew My NBI Online 2023?

The NBI Clearance Online Renewal process can be accessed by individuals who have had their NBI Clearance issued between 2014 and now. It is important to note that renewal is only for individuals who already have a registered clearance. To renew your clearance, you need to follow the steps below: 

Step 1. Visit the NBI Clearance Website

The first step is to visit the NBI Clearance service website (https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/). Find the “Clearance Quick Renewal” section on the website’s main page and press “click here”.

Step 2. Input The Following Requirements

Upon clicking, an online renewal form will pop out with the following requirements below:

  • Old NBI ID: (Your NBI ID is at the top under your “Family Name”. The NBI ID generally consists of 18 characters of mixed numbers and alphabets
  • Your whole name (First, Middle, Last)
  • Your mobile number (for SMS notification)
  • Your Birthdate

You must fill out the requested information and click verify. Besides the required valid IDs, there are no additional requirements needed. Just confirm that all the requested data are provided correctly on the form.

Step 3. NBI Quick Renewal Delivery

After verifying the requested details, you will be redirected to the Renewal Delivery Page. Under this page, you need to provide your residential or present address. Afterward, click “Proceed to Payment.” Choose which option you’d like your clearance to be delivered:

  • Door-to-Door Delivery;
  • Personal Pick-up; or
  • Pick-up Via A Courier.

Step 4. Choosing Payment Option Under Payment Section

You will be redirected to the Payment Section to pay the renewal fee. You can pay with the following methods available.

  • Over-the-Counter Banking: This includes paying through official banks (e.g. BPI, Metrobank, RCBC, etc.).
  • Online Banking: This includes paying through the official websites of national banks (e.g. BPI Online, Union Bank Online.)
  • Mobile Wallet
  • ECPay Partners: (E.g. RD Pawnshop and Petron.)
  • Bayad Center
  • GCash
  • Maya
  • Any 7-Eleven Branches

The NBI Clearance Online Renewal fee is up to Php 300 for your renewed clearance and Php 25 for the service fee. It is also worth noting that the NBI Clearance Renewal costs more due to the inclusion of the delivery fee. Applicants can also provide payment within the available NBI Clearance Branch for personal pickups.

Step 5. Wait for a Notification

Once all the above steps are followed, SMS will send a notification. This message will confirm your renewal application, including your reference number. 

FAQs About NBI Clearance

Several major inquiries have been made regarding the process, clarity, or related concerns about the NBI clearance renewal online process. Listed below are answers to the following general questions.

How many days will it take to renew NBI Clearance?

After online renewal, your renewed NBI Clearance should arrive within 3 to 7 business days for Metro Manila and Luzon residents. For residents located in Visayas and Mindanao, it would take around 7 to 10 business days.

How do I check the status of my NBI clearance renewal?

To confirm whether your NBI Clearance has been renewed and is ready for pickup, you can call the official hotline at 8524-1277 or 852308231 local 5509.

How can I renew my NBI Clearance with a representative?

If you have an authorized representative to pick up your renewed clearance, you should send them all the listed requirements so they can process it. You should also provide an authorization letter to confirm you have a representative to finalize the renewal process.

It is important to note that only the main NBI office in Ermita, Manila, accepts renewal applications from abroad for this approach. If your clearance was issued from 2014 onwards, your representative can directly go to the main office with the listed requirements.


The NBI clearance renewal online process is convenient for individuals who prefer to update their needed copy without much physical labor. The online process has been made faster to minimize time consumption and secure updated clearance without delays and unwanted hassle.

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