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Mobile SIM card registration to roll out in Davao Region soon


DAVAO CITY, PHILIPPINE — On Monday, a National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) director confirmed that mobile SIM card registration would begin in Davao Region. This will allow subscribers in far-flung areas with little to no internet connection to register their SIM cards within the 180-day period.

During the Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM City Davao on Monday, NTC-Davao director Nelson Cañete said that telecommunication companies would roll out mobile SIM card registration in a few weeks’ time to provide assistance to subscribers in areas with no internet.

Since numerous areas in the region, including the hinterlands and coastal communities, have no internet access, Cañete said that reaching mobile users in said areas “is a lot of work.” This is especially true since registration must be done online.

“We have several areas with slow or no signal at all. We are coordinating with the telcos and other agencies so that they can put up mobile registrations,” he said.

Fortunately, telco companies would provide an internet signal during the mobile registration process.

The Davao director also expressed his hopes that mobile phone users will be able to register their SIMs within the 180-day period defined in the law.

Cañete then reminded the public to buy SIM cards from sellers authorized by telcos. Some of these sellers may also assist in the SIM card registration process.

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