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Maymay Entrata Releases New Song “Tsada Mahigugma”

maymay entrata releases new song tsada mahigugma

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Philippine pop music solo artist Maymay Entrata releases her new song “Tsada Mahigugma” under Star Pop in all streaming platforms.

The song shows the meanings of being patient for the right person to come and what its like for Entrata to be in love. The title “Tsada Mahigugma” is a Bisaya phrase meaning “It feels great to be in love.”

“It’s so delightful to love, isn’t it? ‘Tsada’ could mean wonderful, beautiful, delicious, pretty, handsome, and then ‘mahigugma’ is love. What this means is, it’s good to feel love and feel loved,” Maymay explained the meaning of the song when she delivered an unexpected performance of the song at the 1MX London Music Festival last July.

“Tsada Mahigugma,” a song written by CJ Kaamino with an arrangement by Justin Catalan, has Maymay’s unique touch thanks to tight collaboration with Star Pop label boss Rox Santos. The final mixing and mastering were handled by Theo Martel.

“Tsada Mahigugma” came out after the solo artist’s recent hit with “Autodeadma” which features Wooseok of Pentagon who is a Korean singer. 

Entrata just completed her seventh year in the entertainment industry. When she joined the ABS-CBN reality series “Pinoy Big Brother” in 2016, she began her career. With her ability to deliver catchy and melodic tunes, Entrata’s ability to connect with audiences has reached higher levels and remains her strength as a performer and artist. 

The song “Tsada Mahigugma” by Maymay Entrata is now accessible on a number of digital streaming services, ready to brighten your playlists with a powerful dose of love and optimism. 

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Also make sure to watch this YouTube video of Maymay Entrata’s “Tsada Mahigugma” and sync in to the tunes and melodies that she has produced for us to feel good and loved.

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