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Olivia McDaniel with 3rd Most Saves in FIFA Women’s World Cup

olivia mcdaniel with 3rd most amount of saves in fifa womens world cup

The Philippines continues to make history as Olivia McDaniel is the 3rd goalkeeper for most saves in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Olivia McDaniel, who is the goalkeeper for the Philippines’ National Women’s football team, set a record against all the top goalkeepers in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. She ranks 3rd as the goalkeeper to have the most amount of saves, which is 18, just under Zecira Musovic from Sweden and Daniela Solera from Costa Rica. 

Although the Philippines national football women’s team in the FIFA Women’s World Cup was cut short only up to the group stage, they made history by winning their first-ever game against New Zealand 1-0. With an unfortunate loss against Switzerland and Norway, the Philippines could not proceed to the next step.

Olivia McDaniel, however, did not only get a record for the number of saves but also the saves she had per 90 minutes. McDaniel has the 2nd most saves per 90 minutes, following Daniela Solera from Costa Rica.

McDaniel is not new to being the highlight for the Philippines in football. She is also the reason why the Philippines was able to beat New Zealand.

The 2022 Women’s Asian Cup quarterfinal victory over Chinese-Taipei, which advanced the Filipinas to their first World Cup, featured McDaniel as the star performer.

In the game in January 2022, McDaniel’s two saves prevented the Taiwanese team from securing the victory and set up Sarina Bolden’s penalty kick to secure the Philippines’ berth among the early qualifiers for the competition.

In the FIFA Women’s World Cup, McDaniel kept saving the Philippines as she made a dramatic save against New Zealand. Her saves make her a strong opponent against other competitors. – WhatALife!/Zain

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