Home Donbelle living the full K-drama experience in their trip to Seoul, South Korea

Donbelle living the full K-drama experience in their trip to Seoul, South Korea

donbelle living the full k drama experience in their trip to seoul south korea

Belle Mariano fulfilled her K-Drama dreams as she wore a hanbok or a traditional Korean dress and visited a palace in Seoul, South Korea.

Belle took to her Instagram to post pictures alongside her co-star from “Can’t Buy Me Love,” Donny Pangilinan, during their time in Seoul.

“Living the kdrama life,” the Kapamilya actress posted on her Instagram page.

Belle and Donny are currently starring in the popular series “Can’t Buy Me Love,” which is approaching its finale.

During a prior interview with ABS-CBN News, DonBelle expressed their pride in the series’ success, noting its consistent presence among the Top 10 shows on Netflix Philippines.

“We are so thankful. Everyone is part of it. We ourselves are excited to see what is next,” Belle said.

“More than anything we are very proud there is a local show in the 10 even though there are many Korean Dramas, anime, and even Hollywood series.” Donny added. 

Additionally, DonBelle said, “We are happy [that] people love our local content, and that is the most important thing—  we are able to put out quality content, especially since I believe Can’t Buy Me Love is something different. We are happy to share the amazing culture of Binondo, Chinatown.”

Moreover, Belle mentioned about their upcoming projects and her aspirations to headline a horror film and a romantic-comedy, while Donny expressed interest in taking on an action-oriented project

“I also want to do horror, actually last time I was talking to Direk (Mae Cruz-Alviar) about doing something very rom-com like Notting Hill. It would be so nice to see something like that,” Belle relayed.

As “Can’t Buy Me Love” nears its finale, viewers eagerly anticipate the thrilling episodes. 

Meanwhile, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, also known as Bingo Rivera and Caroline Tiu, embarked on a romantic sightseeing adventure, igniting kilig vibes among fans.


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