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SB19’s A’Tin wins Billboard fan army face-off

sb19s atin wins billboard fan army face off

SB19’s fans or popularly known as “A’Tin” have officially taken the crown for the 2023 Billboard Fan Army Face-Off, and the boys could not be more proud.

The members of the renowned Filipino boy group released a congratulatory video. 

“You never fail to amaze us with your dedication,” Josh told A’TIN.

“We look forward to conquering more heights with all of you.” SB19’s leader Pablo then added.

After a final battle between the CARATs and A’TIN, SB19 claimed the crown after a tight battle with SEVENTEEN’s fans. The Filipino boy band’s fans brought in 51.1% of the votes versus the 48.9% SEVENTEEN’s CARATS generated.

Billboard’s annual Fan Army showdown had 64 artists’ fan armies kicking off the battle to find out whose fan base was the strongest. It all began on July 5, and throughout multiple rounds, the Elite Eight — made up of the fan armies for Cardi B, EXO, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, SB19, SEVENTEEN, Shakira and TWICE — emerged victorious to compete in the Quarterfinals.

This year’s Semifinals included the fan armies for Cardi B, SB19, SEVENTEEN, and Shakira, before SB19 and SEVENTEEN took on the Finals. Last year, the winner of the Billboard Fan Army Face-Off was Stray Kids’ STAY with past Fan Army Face-Off winners including Super Junior’s ELF (victorious twice), T-ara’s Queens (victorious three times), and BIGBANG’s VIPs.

SB19 recently kicked off their PAGTATAG world tour with four shows in the Philippines. They also had a memorable performance at the recent PPOP CON.

The tour is in support of their second EP, “PAGTATAG!” which has the top hit “GENTO.”

Their US shows have been sold out, and the group is now headed to Canada.

In the United States, the group shut down Hollywood Boulevard to film a music video and also performed some of their hit songs. SB19 also appeared on a Los Angeles morning show.

Furthermore, SB19 has also posted a quick congratulatory message on their official Twitter account.

“Congratulations, A’TIN! You’ve once again proven the power that you hold. Maraming salamat!” – WhatALife!/Val

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