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Young Sheldon Sets Release Date for Final Season, Cast Member Share Sentiments

young sheldon sets release date for final season cast member share sentiments

With the announcement of the final season’s release date, Young Sheldon’s cast has taken to social media to express their sentiments.

In the original series The Big Bang Theory (TBBT), it was discussed that Sheldon’s father died from a heart condition just when he was turning into a teen. In the spin-off, season seven is set to start with Sheldon and Missy’s early teen years. This TBBT event is what Young Sheldon fans dread the most. The series will end with seven seasons in total.

Sheldon’s father, George Sr., was not portrayed in the best light in the original series. However, Young Sheldon has come to love George Sr. in the spin-off and is dreading for this event mentioned in TBBT  to occur. Fans are speculating that this would be the end of the spin-off with the death of George Sr. and Sheldon already off to the California Institute of Technology (CalTech).

The prequel to The Big Bang Theory shall return on February 15 with a one-hour series finale on May 16. To the fan’s dismay, the final season of Young Sheldon will be shorter than the previous ones due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes that have been occurring for almost six months already.

Iain Armitage, the actor who plays Young Sheldon Cooper, shared a heartfelt post on Instagram about how he will miss his newfound family. 

Sheldon’s twin sister Missy, portrayed by Raegan Revord, also took to Instagram to share her sentiments about the series ending.

Other notable Hollywood stars have also guest-starred in The Big Bang Theory spin-off. Stars like Reba McEntire and Craig T. Nelson have appeared where the two play divorcees. Nelson plays the children’s Meemaw Connie and is Annie Pott’s romantic interest.

Even if this news is sad to avid fans of TBBT universe, this is not shocking news. Young Sheldon was renewed in 2021 for three seasons, making next year’s season the last.

In the last few episodes of season six, fans have seen quite a few turmoils the Cooper family faced. With Missy in her rebellious teen years, George Jr., better known as Georgie, navigating life as a new father, Sheldon and Mary flying to Germany for Sheldon’s studies, and most importantly, the tornado that hit Medford that heavily damaged Connie’s house.

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