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Philippine Prosecutors Summons Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte over Alleged Death Threats

philippine prosecutors summons ex president rodrigo duterte over alleged death threats

A prosecutor at the Quezon City office summons former president, Rodrigo Duterte, to answer charges regarding alleged death threats against a congresswoman criticizing his daughter using state funds.

During a broadcast on a local TV program, Duterte made the alleged threat where he provided advice to Sara on how to use proposed confidential funds. Within the same episode, he also stated, “But your first target there with your intelligence funds, are you, you France, you Communists that I want to kill.” The episode has been trending and reshared on social media, but has since been taken down.

In wake of these threats, many critics say that Duterte’s threats should not be taken so lightly, considering that more than 8,000 suspected drug dealers and addicts were killed during his term as president.

“The complainant/s and their witnesses, if any, are likewise directed to re-affirm before the undersigned on the same date the veracity and truthfulness of the allegations in their given statement,” the summons read. This marks the first time for Duterte to be the subject of a subpoena since stepping down from presidency in mid-2022.

“I hope that former President Duterte will face the charges and participate in the preliminary investigation,” Castro said, showing how glad she was that the case was in progress. 

According to the subpoena, signed by Senior Assistant City Prosecutor Ulric Badiola, Duterte was ordered to appear before the prosecutor’s office to submit a counter-affidavit in person on Dec. 4 and 11. 

“It doesn’t matter what the intent is, if he’s joking or not, he cannot get away with that excuse again—he’s no longer President,” Castro’s legal counsel, Antonio La Viña stated. “It created fear on the part of Congressman Castro. And therefore he should be held liable.”

Duterte, who is currently residing in the southern city of Davao, did not release any statement on the matter.

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