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Nadine Lustre Returns to Acting with Roadkillers Series

nadine lustre returns to acting with roadkillers series

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – After her successful role in Deleter, Nadine Lustre celebrates her return with the series Roadkillers on Prime Video.

A teaser for the TV series has recently been released showing Nadine’s character to be involved in a crime. The voiceover for the teaser says “Minsan ‘pag nakagipitan, may nagagawa kang masama para mga taong mahal mo.”

The brief glimpse of the series was released with no prior announcement. 

The dark, mysterious, and fearless series is directed by Rae Red and is available for streaming exclusively on Prime Video on November 30. 

Roadkillers is Nadine’s first return to TV shows ever since her stint in Till I Met You with former boyfriend James Reid. 

The actress is also known for her role in Deleter which gave her the best actress award during the 2022 Metro Manila Film Festival. 

Moreover, director Rae Red is known for her work for Babae at Baril which is a Filipino revenge-thriller movie starring Elijah Canlas, Janine Gutierrez, JC Santos, and more. The film received the most awards in the 43rd Gawad Urian. These awards included best picture, best director, best actress (Janine Gutierrez), best editing, best cinematography, and best production design.

The director also shared in an article in 2021 with Lifestyle Inquirer that she has always been drawn towards the genre of thriller. Rae shared, “In terms of genre and thriller, I guess growing up ay doon talaga ako pinalaki. I love watching horror and action.”

From the get go, viewers are confronted with a crime and the questions involving it .

The actress is praised for her work even with just the forty-three second teaser.

Lustre’s fans are looking forward to following the new series. Furthermore, fans are excited to see Nadine in another thriller film project since her successful performance in Deleter.

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