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Spain Dismisses Women’s Coach Vilda Amid Kiss Scandal

spain dismisses womens coach vilda amid kiss scandal

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has reportedly suspended Jorge Vilda as coach of the national women’s team. This decision has been made following a scandal involving the non-consensual kiss of a player by the suspended President of the Federation.

The incident in question involves Luis Rubiales forcibly kissing player Jenni Hermoso on the lips. This act has been regarded by prosecutors in the country as sexual assault, given that this occurred without Hermonso’s consent.

The new RFER board was formed after President Luis Rubiales’ suspension following the controversy two weeks ago during the team’s World Cup celebration. Additionally, the RFEF board terminated Vilda’s contract in accordance with recent sources.

The scandal surrounding Rubiales has centered around a heated national debate over women’s rights and sexist conduct. Being seen as a Rubiales loyalist, Vilda had been under scrutiny since last year. 

15 players rebelled and cited inadequate coaching methods and demanded parity with the men’s squad. Some of these players were subsequently excluded from the squad. 

Danae Boronat, a sports presenter who interviewed Spain’s leading female players, stated that players accused Vilda of micromanagement. This includes instructing senior players on what to say in interviews.

The captain of Spain’s men’s national team made a statement condemning Rubiales’s behavior in supporting the Women’s World Cup-winning team.

At the time, Pedro Rocha, the President currently in charge of the Spanish Football Federation, released a letter on Tuesday apologizing for Rubiales’s behavior.

In a statement made on Tuesday, the RFEF praised Vilda as a “key to the remarkable growth” of women’s soccer in the nation.

“We value his impeccable personal and sporting conduct, being a key player in the remarkable growth of women’s football in Spain. During his long period, Vilda has been a promoter of the values of respect and fair play in football,” 

The organization also added, “The RFEF would like to express its gratitude to Jorge Vilda for the services he has provided, for his professionalism and dedication during all these years, wishing him the best of success in the future.”

Following his suspension, Rubiales is currently facing legal proceedings in Spain related to the incident. – WhatALife!/Shap

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