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Jenni Hermoso Criticized by Spanish Ministers and Media from Affectionate Gesture

jenni hermoso criticized by spanish minsters and media from affectionate gesture

MADRID, SPAIN — Spanish football federation president criticized for kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips after their victory in FIFA Women’s World Cup win. 

After Spain’s victory in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales gave Hermoso a kiss on the lips. Spanish ministers criticized the man for his actions.

Hermoso was heard telling her teammates in the locker room that she didn’t like the gesture in a video posted on Instagram and YouTube. 

The kiss occurred when Spain was receiving their gold by Luis Rubiales after their victory against England on Sunday, August 20.’

Hermoso tried to defend Rubiales to downplay the incident and sent a statement to the Spanish news agency EFE. 

Hermoso states, “It was a totally spontaneous mutual gesture because of the immense joy that winning a World Cup brings.”

“The president and I have a great relationship, his behavior with all of us has been outstanding, and it was a natural gesture of affection and gratitude,” Hermoso added. 

“A gesture of friendship and gratitude cannot be gone over so much, we have won a World Cup, and we are not going to deviate from what is important.”

When Hermoso was asked about the incident in a radio interview, she wished that people were focused on something else, and it’s about her winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Although Hermoso tried to downplay the incident, ministers and the media were angry at Rubiales’ gesture.

On Monday on RNE radio, acting Culture and Sports Minister Miquel Iceta criticized the kiss and demanded an apology and an explanation from Rubiales.

Ione Belarra, the interim minister for social rights and a member of Montero’s party, questioned, “If they do that in front of everyone in Spain, what might they do in private?”

In Spain, gender issues are a contentious subject. The socialist-led government has implemented numerous legal changes regarding gender identity, abortion, and sex work, but a gap in the law regarding sexual consent allowed rapists to avoid jail time, costing Montero’s far-left Podemos party, which is a member of the government coalition, significantly in the July election. – WhatALife!/Zain

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