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Senate Committee Grills France Garcia Ruiz Over Elvie Vergara’s Alleged Abuse

helper elvie vergaras former employer cited in contempt amid probe into alleged maltreatment

The Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights has taken a stern stance during its ongoing investigation into the alleged maltreatment of Elvie Vergara, citing France Garcia Ruiz in contempt. Ruiz, the former employer of Vergara, faced the committee’s scrutiny due to her inconsistent answers during the proceedings.

In the third hearing of the committee, chaired by Senator Francis Tolentino, the focus of the discussion turned to Vergara’s injuries, particularly the deviation of her nasal bridge. Vergara recounted being repeatedly punched in the face and nose by her former employer, Ruiz. However, when asked by Sen. Tolentino if she received any medication for her injuries, Ruiz adamantly denied it, claiming Vergara’s statements were untrue.

This contradictory response drew the ire of Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, who pointed out the obvious evidence of Vergara’s nasal injury. Sen. Jinggoy Estrada also expressed his belief that Ruiz was the “mastermind of everything” related to the maltreatment and severe injuries inflicted on Vergara.

Senator Estrada motioned to cite Ruiz in contempt, initially suggesting detention at the Pasay City Jail. However, after deliberation with Senators Tolentino and Dela Rosa, it was decided that Ruiz would be held within the Senate premises.

Senator Tolentino justified Ruiz’s detention by highlighting her continuous evasion of questions posed by committee members and her false testimony during direct examination. He emphasized that the weight of the evidence favored Vergara, supported not only by her testimony but also by medical evidence in the form of scars.

During her detention at the Senate, parallel investigations will be conducted to finalize charges against Ruiz. She will also undergo a polygraph test and a medical examination as part of the ongoing inquiry.

The proceedings have exposed the reported mistreatment Elvie Vergara faced while employed under France Garcia Ruiz, sparking concerns about employer responsibilities and the welfare of domestic helpers. The Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights is dedicated to discovering the truth and ensuring justice prevails in this matter.

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