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Isabelle Daza Initiates Fundraising Campaign to aid Helper blinded by Abusive Employers

isabelle daza initiates fundraising campaign to aid helper blinded by abusive employers

In a heartfelt move, actress and TV host Isabelle Daza has taken the initiative to provide financial assistance to a woman who endured severe physical, mental, and verbal abuse at the hands of her employers.  

Elvie Vergara, a domestic helper from Occidental Mindoro, bears both physical and emotional scars from the mistreatment she endured. On September 8, Daza utilized her social media platform on Instagram to launch a fundraising campaign dedicated to supporting Elvie Vergara. In her post, the actress expressed her gratitude to those who had already contributed, while also underscoring the importance of helping without pressuring others to give, especially when someone is in great need.

Elvie’s story is one of resilience and hope. She urgently requires an eye operation with the hope of regaining her vision, but her compensation from her abusive employers has been unjustly withheld. Daza, fully aware of the hurdles Elvie faces, aims to provide her with the resources to break free from the cycle of abuse and financial uncertainty.

Daza has established a GoGetFunding page to raise funds for Elvie’s medical expenses and to support her pursuit of justice. She has committed to ensuring that Elvie personally receives these donations.

Consequently, the fundraising campaign led by the actress has already garnered significant support. As of now, the campaign has raised over P730,000 from 589 donors, significantly surpassing the initial goal of P300,000.

The severity of Elvie’s suffering has not gone unnoticed. Reports indicate that the Senate is actively investigating her alleged maltreatment. Elvie has bravely recounted her ordeal, detailing repetitive physical abuse inflicted by her employer, France Ruiz, who used punching, kicking, and employing various objects to inflict harm.

Elvie and her family have since taken legal action against her former employers. However, these employers have countered with allegations of theft and violence on Elvie’s part.

Meanwhile, the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights has taken notice of this case, actively seeking the issuance of an arrest warrant against a family member of the employers and issuing a subpoena for the family’s appearance at the probe.

Isabelle Daza’s fundraising drive for Elvie Vergara serves as a reminder of the necessity to stand against abuse while also highlighting the powerful role of unity and empathy in assisting those facing critical situations. Although Elvie’s journey toward recovery and justice is far from over, the unwavering support of Isabelle Daza and numerous benevolent donors illuminate her path with renewed hope and possibilities.

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