Home GUIDE: How Much is Spotify Premium PH

GUIDE: How Much is Spotify Premium PH

guide how much is spotify premium ph

Curious about how much is Spotify Premium ph? Are you sick of listening to more ads playing than your favorite songs on Spotify? Ready for a smoother, premium experience with better audio quality and extra features? Then, it’s time to upgrade to Spotify Premium! 

With Spotify, listening to music has become more straightforward and fun, so much more with Spotify Premium, which offers the following features upon subscription: 

  • Ad-free music
  • Skips without limit (versus six (6) skips per hour for the free plan)
  • Stream any music
  • Streaming both online and offline (the free plan is online streaming only)
  • High-quality audio (free plan has essential audio quality)

Exhilarating, right? In this guide, we’ll answer the question ‘How much is Spotify Premium PH?’ and explore the benefits of each subscription type. And explore the benefits of each subscription type.

Spotify Premium Subscription Options in the Philippines

Spotify Premium offers five different subscription options in the Philippines:

  • Mini
  • Individual
  • Student
  • Family
  • Duo

Mini Subscription

For as low as ₱7 per day, you can get one account on mobile only, enjoy ad-free music listening on mobile, download 30 songs on one mobile device, and play songs in any order with a Mini subscription.

Individual Subscription

An individual subscription to Spotify Premium in the Philippines costs PHP 149 monthly. This subscription is ideal for users who enjoy ad-free listening and other premium features.

Student Subscription

If you’re a student in the Philippines, you can avail of a student discount and subscribe to Spotify Premium for PHP 75 per month. To qualify for this discount, you must be enrolled in an accredited college or university and have a valid student ID.

Family Subscription

For families who want to enjoy Spotify Premium, there’s a Family Subscription that costs PHP 214 per month. This subscription allows up to six family members to enjoy ad-free listening and other premium features on their accounts.

Duo Subscription

For couples or two people living in the same household, there’s a Duo Subscription that costs PHP 185 per month. This subscription allows two users to enjoy Spotify Premium on their accounts with ad-free listening and other premium features.

How to Sign Up for Spotify Premium in the Philippines

Signing up for Spotify Premium in the Philippines is easy. You can visit the Spotify website or download the mobile app and follow these steps:

1. You must sign in to your Spotify account or create a new one if you don’t have one; on the  Spotify Premium subscription page (opens in a new tab), select VIEW PLANS.

2. Now, you may choose between Individual, Duo, Family, and Student accounts. After making your choice, click GET STARTED on the registration page.

Note: The 30-day trial is available only to those who haven’t previously used a free Spotify trial. If you don’t qualify, you’ll receive a notification. To proceed, log in with a Google, Facebook, or email address that hasn’t been used for a Spotify free trial.

3. After deciding on the type of Spotify subscription, enter your address and payment information before clicking BUY NOW (or Continue Purchase if you selected PayPal or any payment methods). Even if you are qualified for the free trial, you must still give payment information; however, money won’t be taken until you keep using the service after the free trial period has ended. Otherwise, you’ll be charged, and your account will be upgraded to Premium.

You can go forward once your payment information has been processed.

Promotions and Discounts

Spotify may offer promotional discounts or limited-time offers from time to time for its Premium subscriptions. Keep an eye on their website or mobile app for the latest promotions and discounts in the Philippines. It’s always worth checking for special offers to save money on your monthly subscription costs.


Upgrading to Spotify Premium in the Philippines is a great way to enhance your listening experience. Whether you’re an individual user, a student, a family, or a duo, you’ll find a subscription type that suits your needs and budget. Embrace ad-free listening, offline playback, and superior audio quality that Spotify Premium brings. Sign up today and savor your favorite songs without any interruptions! – WhatALife!

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