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Patrick Guzman Unexpected Passing at the Age of 56

patrick guzman unexpected passing at the age of 56

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Filipino-Canadian actor Patrick Guzman has passed away at the age of 56. His wife made a statement on his passing and told people about the wake and cremation date. 

Actress and acting coach Beverly Vergel shared Guzman’s wife Liezle’s post about his sudden and unexpected passing on June 15. 

There is no confirmation on the cause of death, but the funeral mass and cremation details were stated in Liezle’s post. 

In the post, Liezle announced the unexpected passing and said she would miss him, his loving children Aiden, Aerielle, Jam, his mother and deceased father, nieces, and nephews, and other extended family members. 

The funeral wake will start on June 22 until June 23. The mass funeral will also be held at the Ward Funeral Home, 52 Main Street, South, Brampton, at 10:30 AM on June 24 as cremation will occur. 

After the statement about the funeral, Liezle posted pictures of her and Patrick Guzman showing the best memories she has had with her husband.

Vergel also made a tribute to Guzman by sharing photos of them. 

In the post, Vergel shared her story with Patrick Guzman while they were location hunting for the movie “BROmance The Movie.” She expressed that she was excited that Guzman was willing to take the role of the lead actor without even reading the script. She then gives her condolences to his wife and loved ones.

The comment section was filled with other celebrities who extended their condolences to Guzman’s family.

Guzman has been living in Canada for years and is known to starring in films such as “Sa Piling ng Iba,” “Una Kang Naging Akin,” and “Koronang Itim.” – WhatALife!/Zain

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