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Sandara Park and Minzy reunite for an exclusive ‘Dara Tour’ vlog in the Philippines

sandara park and minzy reunite for an exclusive dara tour vlog in the philippines

Sandara Park traveled to the Philippines alongside her former 2NE1 bandmate Minzy to film her Dara Tour vlog.

For the first stop of their tour, Sandara took Minzy to Rockwell Mall.

“The place we’re heading to right now is a neighborhood called Rockwell. It’s right next to Makati…The reason I especially like that place is that people there don’t care if they see a celebrity so it’s really easy to walk around,” Sandara said. .

Upon arriving at Rockwell, the two Korean stars dined at a Chinese restaurant and  went out shopping.

When they returned to their hotel, Sandara introduced Minzy to various Filipino products she had bought from a retail store. These included a Filipino soy sauce brand and a Filipino all-purpose sauce brand.

Sandara also took Minzy to her favorite Filipino restaurant, where she ordered dishes such as sinigang na hipon, sisig, pinakbet, and inihaw na pusit, among others.

“They’re all so good that I don’t know what to eat first,” Minzy said. 

By the end of the vlog, Sandara teased the upcoming locations they would be visiting next in the Philippines.

Additionally, Sandara Park was overwhelmed with emotion and started crying when she saw her Grade 6 adviser again after 20 years. 

Dara’s teacher described Sandara as very quiet saying, “She was really very, very quiet.” She also mentioned that the K-Pop idol never spoke in class, often asking her friend to speak on her behalf.

“But we didn’t know that she would become like this, open up and bloom to this very pretty young lady and a confident lady,” the teacher added. 

Dara’s teacher expressed pride in Sandara for learning to speak Filipino and achieving success in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, on her Instagram page, Sandara shared photos of her visit to a resort in Batangas with her friends.

Moreover, in a post on social media platform X, Sandara expressed her gratitude to her Filipino fans for always recognizing her whenever she visits the Philippines.

In 2023, Sandara filmed a variety show in the Philippines titled “Idol Truck Project” alongside rapper DinDin, WINNER’s Jinu, and NU’EST members Aron and Kim Jonghyeon.


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