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Julia Barretto Plans to Attend College Before She Turns 30

julia barretto plans to attend college before she turns 30

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Julia Barretto, who already has a successful career as she also maintains her work-life balance, decides that she is planning to pursue a college education before turning 30.

The actress knows she does not live an ordinary life, so she “loves traveling to new and faraway places” because she gets her own space as it is hard to get it often.

“You get your privacy. Your personal space is respected (it) is given to you. The time for yourself is unlimited when you’re on vacation,” she stated during a press conference on her upcoming movie “Will You Be My Ex?” 

“But you know, I love my life. I don’t mind na hindi ordinary yung life ko,” she added. Barretto is grateful for the lifestyle she has. 

In her upcoming film “Will You Be My Ex?” The movie shows reconnecting with the past. When asked if there were anything she would like to change from the past, the actor stated that she has nothing much to change as all the things in the past have brought her to her current spot, and she is grateful for what she has now. 

Barretto also earnestly intends to return to school to get a degree in Psychology, drama, or any business course. 

“I really wanna go back to school. Gustong-gusto, gusto ko talaga mag-college. I want to study, she said.

She hopes to find a balance while attending college, as she will still shoot for projects. 

Barretto also hopes to study abroad and attend classes physically to meet college friends and professors. – WhatALife!/Zain

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