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Maine, Arjo finally say ‘I Do’

maine arjo finally say i do

Internationally awarded actor-politician Arjo Atayde and top television personality Maine Mendoza are finally going to tie the knot in Baguio City. However, the couple haven’t disclosed any exact details regarding their wedding ceremony.

While the date July 28 had been circulating in gossip columns as the day Atayde and Mendoza would exchange “I do’s” – precisely a year after they got engaged. Neither Atayde nor Mendoza confirmed it.

The media, on the other hand, pressed Atayde about it last when he attended Monday’s SONA. However, the 32-year old actor-politician only said, “Soon.”

The 28-year-old Mendoza debuted on Eat Bulaga’s ‘Yaya Dub’ on GMA Network. She was paired with the immensely popular Alden Richards. The comedic segment was done impromptu which eventually made Mendoza an overnight sensation.

Meanwhile, Atayde currently serves as the representative for Quezon City’s 1st district from 2022.

A copy of the celebrities’ simple but elegant spring-themed invitation attests to how private the couple would like to keep their special day. It merely indicates the date (Friday, July 28, 2023) and the location (Baguio City, Benguet). No time or site of the ceremony or reception was mentioned.

Moreover, it was reported that actress Sylvia Sanchez, Atayde’s mom, said that she couldn’t give further details because no one else had a say on the plans and arrangements of the wedding but the couple themselves.

The invitation carries the instruction: “Unlock details and RSVP at a dedicated website and password.”

The invitation was written to indicate it comes straight from the bride and groom, rather than the customary way of parents asking guests to witness their son and daughter’s wedding.

In the case of The Manila Times’ source, no less than teleserye actress Ria Atayde, the groom’s sister, followed up via messaging for the guest’s confirmation.

Ria also sent answers to questions the bride and groom assumed would come up about the big day.

The emerging Atayde-Mendoza nuptials FAQ (frequently asked questions) if you like. These run the gamut of: “What is the dress code?” (Guests are requested to dress formally in warm earth tones, i.e., gowns and suit and ties); “What will the weather be like?” (Before Typhoon Egay drenched the country this week, the bride and groom were very realistic in asking guests to bring some “warm layers” for drizzles, adding they will have umbrellas ready, but are still “…pray(ing)… it won’t rain so we can all enjoy the cocktails at the garden!”); “Is it okay to take pictures with our phones and cameras during the wedding?” (The answer is a “definitely,” with a gentle request for posting to be held until the next day and to “refrain from geotagging for everyone’s privacy”; and

Finally, “What’s the wedding hashtag?” (“#NothingComplicated just #AtaydeMendoza”).

As to other website details, the homepage features a countdown to the big day, which as of press time, indicates “8 hours and 31 minutes.” There is also a menu presenting another layer of security for the guest to “Unlock your schedule.”

Scrolling down, there is a timeline of the couple’s love story: “2013 — ‘Arjo cutie,’ 2018 — First meeting, 2022 — Arjo popped the question! and 2023 — We are getting married!”; and again, very thoughtful touches from the bride and groom, like providing guests information on how best to travel to Baguio, as well as a booking site of suggested hotels where they can stay for the weekend. 

Also, with both the bride and groom blessed in their respective careers, they would rather “pay it forward” than receive gifts. 

“In lieu of presents, we would appreciate extending your help fund a donation drive that we are planning to do after our wedding. The proceeds will be distributed to a number of indigenous groups in Luzon. We will personally share the gift you are blessing us to bless other people who need it more.”

All the other details of the wedding, such as principal sponsors and the rest of the bridal entourage, will be unveiled today. – WhatALife!/Val

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