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Persimmon introduces new and better packaging

persimmon introduces new and better packaging

The name “Persimmon” is definitely something every Kagay-anon recognizes. Perhaps, most of us who have been living in Cagayan de Oro would dine in and even go for takeouts whenever we’re in the mood to munch, may it be weekdays or weekends. 

We can even humbly remark that this restaurant-bakery is the city’s pride after it established its name in the 90s. It all began when Persimmon started selling their notable “baked siopao” as a fast food restaurant in the city in 1992.

Since then, locals have enjoyed and filled their tummies with various food choices that mostly focus on local cuisine. However, their baked siopao stood out the most and eventually became popular among tourists, causing tourists to definitely drop by at the restaurant during their CDO trip.

Recently, Persimmon proudly introduced a brand new packaging for their baked siopao. It goes with a quality box that marks their name colored in their signature orange and green.

The box costs PHP456 and contains 12 baked siopaos for everyone.

Baked siopao is an innovation derived from the traditional steamed meat bun. 

Siopao is derived from the baozi, which was introduced by Hokkien Chinese immigrants to the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period. It all started with the usual steamed siopao that we grew up eating during snack times or meriendas. Eventually, baked siopao became a thing, and Persimmon is definitely one of the first to introduce what a good baked siopao is.

Persimmon is located on Don A. Velez street and is open Monday to Saturday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Now, with their new pleasant-looking package, you can definitely carry your favorite snacks back home comfortably and safely.

So what are you waiting for? Grab one of these famous and mouth-watering treats! – WhatALife!/Val

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