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The Witcher’s Third Season Explained

the witchers third season explained

The fans of “The Witcher” probably know that the third season is going to end up bittersweet. Well, that’s because it’ll be the final installment of the Netflix fantasy series. Henry Cavill, on the other hand, who played the famed monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth.

So that means the fourth season will be taken over by Hemsworth as he charms the audience with a fresh look as he plays Geralt of Rivia. Consequently, the actor will be donning Geralt’s signature swords, medallions, and long white locks. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast will stay intact, but of course, definitely not the characters who have died in the previous scenes.

That said, people have been wondering what the transition from Cavill to Hemsworth would be like. Well, the answers are going to get unveiled once we step into the next season, which is something to keep an eye for.

However, the question that really stands out the most is “Who is Falka in The Witcher?”.

So let’s dive right into Falka’s overview.

Falka was a Redanian princess who vowed revenge upon her father, King Vridank after he divorced her mother and cut her out of the line of succession. She launched a violent rebellion and murdered her father, stepmother, and half-brothers. During the revolt, she accidentally imprisoned the pregnant princess of Temeria as well as Lara Dorren’s daughter, Riannon.

As a result, Riannon would go crazy while in prison. Nonetheless, Falka ended up asking Riannon to nurse her child before her fiery execution, as she also turned out to be pregnant. Before being burned at the stake, Falka cursed the assembled crowd and told them that their descendants would suffer at the hands of a childbearing her blood.

Riannon’s mental state made it so that it was unclear which of the three children she eventually brought home to Temeria were her own. And what do you know? Ciri is a direct descendent of the one child who survived to adulthood.

The third season ends with the Rats embracing Ciri as one of their own. However, the so-called Ciri later introduced herself as Falka. It’s partly a pseudonym to protect her identity and part proof that she is embracing the “burn it down” mentality of the historical figure.

What to expect for Season 4, you ask?

Apparently, there are rumors of a Rats spinoff series, similar to “The Witcher: Blood Origin,” to fill in the gap between now and Season 4, however, Netflix hasn’t confirmed an official announcement yet.

Do make sure to keep an update, as the next sequel is definitely filled with excitement and exciting twists. – WhatALife!/Val

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