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LIST: October 2023 Holidays in the Philippines

list october 2023 holidays in the philippines

Are there any holidays for the month of October in 2023? The answer is a resounding yes! Immerse yourself in a month filled with festivities, cultural celebrations, and special occasions that will ignite your spirit and leave you with unforgettable memories.

However, please take note that none of these holidays are nationwide; they apply only to specified regions as stipulated in the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines. Check the list of holidays below, you might have one in your region!

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Is October 2, 2023, a holiday?

In accordance with Proclamation No. 341, this day of October will be observed as a special (non-working) day in the Municipality of Solano, Province of Nueva Vizcaya to celebrate Solano Day.

Consequently, this proclamation acknowledges the significance of this day and provides the people of Solano with the opportunity to actively participate in the festivities and enjoy the celebrations.

Is October 5, 2023, a holiday?

Proclamation No. 347 designates October 5 as a special (non-working) day in the Municipality of Sta. Cruz, Province of Davao Del Sur, marking its 139th Founding Anniversary.

This is an opportunity for the people of Sta. Cruz to come together and celebrate their community’s rich history.

Is October 6, 2023, a holiday?

Through Proclamation No. 348, this day is a special (non-working) day in the Mountain Province to commemorate the Provincial Indigenous People’s Day.

This day provides an opportunity to honor and celebrate the indigenous culture and heritage of the region.

Is October 16, 2023, a holiday?

As formalized by Republic Act No. 11148, October 16 of every year is declared a special (non-working) holiday in the city of Calbayog, Province of Samar.

This day commemorates the Charter Day Anniversary, also known as the “Calbayog City Charter Day,” and serves as a time for residents to celebrate their city’s history and progress.

Is October 20, 2023, a holiday?

Proclamation No. 342 designates October 20, 2023, as a special (non-working) day in the Municipality of Pigcawayan, Province of North Cotabato.

It is in celebration of its 70th Founding Anniversary. Moreover, this day provides a platform for the residents of Pigcawayan to commemorate their town’s founding and achievements.

Is October 24, 2023, a holiday?

By virtue of Proclamation No. 197, October 24, 2023, has been declared a special (non-working) day in the Municipality of Pili, Province of Camarines Sur.

This proclamation celebrates the Cimmarones Festival and ensures that the people of Pili can fully engage in the festivities and mark the occasion with appropriate ceremonies.

Is October 25, 2023, a holiday?

October 25, 2023, is a special (non-working) day in the Municipality of Lemery, Province of Batangas. As per Proclamation No. 326, this is in commemoration of the province’s Founding Anniversary. Furthermore, this event is a time for the residents of Lemery to rejoice in the rich history of their town.

These holidays promise a month filled with joy, unity, and cultural immersion. Take note of the festivities and events that mark special days in various regions across the Philippines.

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