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LIST: SSS Number Coding Scheme 2024

SSS Number Coding Scheme

Do you have any transactions to do at SSS? Then, it’s important to know the new SSS number coding scheme this 2023. Mainly, this new system was implemented by the Philippine Social Security System as a precautionary measure against COVID since the pandemic technically continues up until now. 

On the other hand, SSS ensured that everyone with transactions will still be catered according to their respective needs. In addition, individuals can opt to continue their concerns online through the SSS web portal. So be prepared to take note of all the essentials discussed below as you’ll be needing them once your schedule is all set.

SSS Number Coding Schedule

Remember that your number coding schedule is based on the last digit of your SS number. Based on SSS latest announcements, here are as follows:

  • Monday – 1 and 2
  • Tuesday – 3 and 4
  • Wednesday – 5 and 6
  • Thursday – 7 and 8
  • Friday – 9 and 0

However, if your transaction schedule falls on holiday, you have the option to visit the next business working day. Alternatively, you can also visit your nearest SSS office based on your transaction schedule.

In some cases, your transaction may get caught up during System Downtime or Offline. As a result, an assigned SSS representative will assist you and may give you another schedule which usually takes place by tomorrow. On a different note, you can also wait for the system to become online or operational again if you’re patient enough.

This SSS number coding, however, doesn’t apply to members who intend to pay their SSS contribution. For members who are planning to pay their SSS contribution, they can proceed to perform it online and they can also check their contributions if they don’t have time to drop by the SSS office.

Important things to remember

When running our errands, it’s best to choose the most seamless experience possible. So in this part, we’ll be providing you a couple of useful tips to achieve that smooth-sailing process of going through our respective transactions at SSS.

Consider Online Services

Some SSS branches may not accept walk-in transactions so it’s also recommended to consider online services before heading to your nearby SSS office. Nowadays, it’s common to set an appointment online for your office visit. Online appointments are done through the SSS website.

Limit your intended transaction

Take note that there are plenty of SSS members waiting for themselves to be catered. Therefore, it’s best to limit your intended transaction to two since all your concerns won’t be catered all at once. Always remember to be considerate to other members and representatives.

Double-check your requirements/documents

It’s common to encounter SSS members either get stuck in the process or having to redo their process after forgetting specific documents. Before heading to the SSS office, it’s highly recommended to double-check your documents and requirements. Make sure that everything is in place for a smooth completion of the transaction. Always bring the correct documents.

Get your priority number

Always get yourself guided with the SSS coding number schedule as SSS will ask your schedule. Afterwards, you’ll be given a priority number and a health information form. Fill up the form carefully and correctly and wait for your number to be called.

Go to the information desk for verification

At the information desk, you’ll be guided and instructed by an SSS officer which will also check your documents. After the verification, you’ll be asked to proceed to your intended transaction. It’s worth remembering that if you have concerns about loan application for an affordable house and lot purchase, always head to the Loans desk.

Proceed to the submission

Once you’re called, prepare your documents or requirements and hand them to your assigned SSS officer. It’s highly recommended to take the chance to ask all your questions and concerns to ensure that all your queries relevant to your transaction are answered. However, if you’ll miss asking specific questions, you can always set a schedule again.

How to schedule an SSS appointment online?

If you find online appointments more convenient, you can always refer to these steps below:

Go to the SSS Web Portal or SSS Mobile App

You can either go to these choices. Initially, you’ll have to provide your SSS login details, such as your username and password. Once done, proceed to the following steps: 

  1. Click the Member’s Info Tab
  2. Look for the “Set an Appointment” button.
  3. Select the purpose of your appointment.
  4. Choose your preferred schedule by selecting your region and the branch of the SSS office you want to visit.
  5. Pick your appointment date and the preferred available time.
  6. Submit, take a screenshot, print your transaction number or check your email for confirmation.
  7. Visit your preferred SSS branch based on your scheduled appointment.

Being a member of SSS yields benefits that last for a lifetime. Notably, you can target an investment that can generate income and also have access to their known benefits that range in a wide array of options according to your necessities. So it’s important to know about the SSS number coding in 2023 and get yourself guided all throughout.

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