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Attack on Titan finally bids farewell with grand finale

attack on titan finally bids farewell with grand finale

Countless anime lovers may find themselves in a roller coaster of emotions after the hit show Attack on Titan has finally reached its final episode. 

The show has taken all of its viewers on a wide array of journeys that have entertained fans through thrilling and interesting plots and twists. Upon its conclusion, fans and avid viewers will definitely miss the pure amusement that lasted for 10 years after the anime first began. 

Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2 unfolded with a final fight between the final remnants of humanity against Eren to stop the Rumbling. After the battle comes to an end, the scene revealed that the future he saw is a bleak one. With the goal of putting an end to the skirmish, he has caused another series of wars and fights in the future as humanity continues to evolve and change its ideology. However, Eren was stuck within it.

Here’s the ending of attack on titan explained:

Mikasa and the others are able to separate Ymir from Eren’s control after killing Zeke. As soon as the fight came to an end, Mikasa was also able to deliver the final blow and cut off Eren’s head. Apparently, a series of memories revealed that Eren used his power to contact his friends within the Paths before the fight came to an end. He then explained to each of them that he sought out the destruction of humanity and pushed them to fight because he wanted them to be heroes.

Fearing a possible retaliation from the outside world, he wanted to make sure that Paradis had those fighting for humanity. It was the only outcome that he says he could have come up with thanks to how much the Attack Titan power had messed with his head, and despite Armin wanting to find another way, Eren wanted to go for a full genocide and transform the world in the way he saw it.

Following the battle, it’s revealed that Armin and the others are trying to reach out to Eldia for peace with an allied nations group.

On the other hand, a group of Yeagerists rose to power in Eldia and are preparing against a possible attack from the outside world. Elevating Eren as a martyr, they genuinely advocate that conflict is the sole path forward, and this perspective extends to the rest of the world. While Mikasa and her companions are depicted living their last moments in tranquility, the anime also portrays society’s relentless progress.

The episode’s final credits show humanity continuing to advance yet continue to fight one another and wipe each other out. Despite Eren’s effort (and the loss of the Titan powers with Eren’s defeat and Ymir finding a semblance of peace), the cycle of conflict continues through to the future. This massive fight came to an end with 80% of the world’s population killed, and the cycle of recovery and fighting continues otherwise.

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