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Apollo Quiboloy’s Facebook and Instagram Deleted

apollo quiboloys facebook and instagram deleted

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Apollo Quiboloy, founder of megachurch the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, has his official Facebook and Instagram pages down.

Quiboloy, who also is the media arm of Sonshine Media Network International, has had his social media pages taken down.

A user who reported Quiboloy’s page received a message in the afternoon of August 17 stating, “Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s account was deleted.”

“Thanks for taking the time to report something you feel may go against the Facebook Community Standards. We removed Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s profile from Facebook. If Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s profile is restored, the post you reported might reappear. If this happens, feel free to report it again,” is how the Facebook message went. 

If users currently search for his page, it will state that the content is not available at the moment. Quiboloy had over 1.2 million followers in his Facebook page. Facebook was his biggest social media channel at the time. 

It is found that Quiboloy’s Instagram account is also unavailable since Instagram is owned by Facebook. 

It is unclear why Quiboloy’s accounts have been deleted on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has policies on Dangerous Organizations and Individuals that do not allow people to show violent and hateful content on their platform, as well as praise and support them. 

Instagram guidelines prohibit supporting or praising “terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups.”

Quiboloy is under US Executive Order 13818 for having been indicted of charges including sex trafficking. Quiboloy is also on the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most-wanted list. 

It is also found out that KOJC members are currently in debt due to Quiboloy’s financial demands. Not only have they been robbed off their pockets, members were even emotionally and psychologically abused by Quiboloy. 

Despite these events happening, Quiboloy’s media network, SMNI, spreads propaganda and disinformation. The deletion of Quiboloy’s Facebook and Instagram page happened after few of his other platforms were deleted, such as TikTok and YouTube channel. – WhatALife!/Zain

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