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Catalyst To An Exciting Journey: An UwUmazing Encounter To The Professional World!!


Writer: Vaughn Andre Hadman, Syntactics Inc./WhatALife Jobstarter, July – November 2022

If you find the title familiar, then stop watching too much anime. Being a fresh graduate, I was suddenly shocked at how boring and repetitive life can be when all I did was just gaming and watch Chinese cartoons. However, as I was browsing through the toxic lands of social media, I found an advertisement, CALLING ALL LAZY BUMS LEECHING MONEY OFF THEIR PARENTS! JOBSTART WAVE 7 IS NOW ACCEPTING APPLICANTS!!

I got offended and marched off to their office. I complained that rather than insulting my way of life, they should guide me to a better path. And that they did! Fast-forwarding through the boring parts, everything that occurred in the universe led me to become a Jobstarter at Syntactics Inc.

Why I Chose Syntactics: The Emergence Of A New Market

When the pandemic occurred, a wave of unemployment happened. After that, however, the digital economy boomed with the sudden spike in cryptocurrency. With people desperate to feed their families despite the Covid-19 restrictions, they got into Virtual Assistant jobs.

Whether working as a Virtual Assistant from home or at a company, the pay was enough to support the new lifestyle of staying at home, and the prospect of working on your own time was very enticing.

That’s why even though I graduated with an engineering background, I chose Syntactics Inc. as the company to begin my working experience and continue my Jobstart journey. Also, I longed to express my creative freedom through writing, which is why I was super elated when I found that they were looking for Content Writers!

Experience As A Jobstarter: Like A Pizza On A Pineapple

Yes, you read that right, and yes, pineapple is good on pizza. But pizza on a pineapple? I chose this analogy because that’s the reaction when neighbors ask me what work I’m doing and where. They frequently ask, “You graduated Mechanical Engineer, right? So why are you working for an IT company?”

I would answer them how it’s much better to work and gain experience in many fields than rotting at home and leeching off my parents’ money. Through my 7 years of engineering studies, the times I played video games and watched anime was not in vain.

Why should I be proud of that achievement, you ask? Not only did I gain proficiency In English, but I could put it into practice during my time at Syntactics Inc. 

However, I need to be more on-topic here. So I will describe my Jobstarter experience at Syntactics Inc, similar to how a pizza on a pineapple looks out of place but works. 

With my engineering background, I could perform tasks requiring research. Researching is an essential skill for an engineer, and I was able to practice it during my Jobstarter days at Syntactics.

Memorable Memories As A Jobstarter In Syntactics Inc.: The Night Shift

Being assigned to a night shift at my first job, I was happy since I was in my element at night. Moreover, I always loathed waking up early since it’s all I have done my entire life. In addition, I find the early afternoon commute enjoyable since people are busy working or resting after lunch.

The night shift at Syntactics was uneventful and solemn, which I find pleasant. However, it’s always fun when something happens since it contrasts the atmosphere.

This one time, my fellow Jobstarter was indexing the PNP exam passers. However, my eyes caught one family name, Manulis. I laughed so hard that people around me looked at me as if I was crazy.

The night shift was fun. We would play loud music (please keep this a secret), and some random Jobstarter would dance to Kpop. Other times, my Syntactics Senpais would sing along to the songs and poke fun at whoever got the best singing voice.

The Hardest Part Of Being A Jobstarter: Waking Early And Not Being Late

Anyone who loves to wake up early is lying, old, or a psychopath. In addition to the freezing waters, my body is constantly influenced by a strong gravitational pull toward the bed. 

Though it happened during the latter part of my training at Syntactics Inc., I wish it had never happened. When I arrive at work, the adrenaline rush of being late keeps me awake. Then, after a few hours, the office’s chilly air and slightly dimmed lights draw my attention away from work, and the demons lurking in my mind pull my eyes shut.

Moreover, even though coffee was free at work, I’m not a big fan of drinking coffee. However, coffee consumption is needed to stay awake during office hours. 

In addition to these menial rambles of waking early, the pressure of keeping up with the tasks and adjusting to a professional setting was the most challenging for me. Though professionalism was taught during college, I never excelled and barely passed. 

Jobstarter Life Haxx: Treat Your Training As Your First Job

I have experienced working with someone treating their training as akin to being forced to watch an ad to gain coins in a mobile game. Jobstart was created to help build your career from the ground up. Not only are you wasting time for mere coins, but you’re also wasting everyone’s time, and you should be ashamed of doing that.

If you wish to pursue working at Syntactics Inc. from being a Jobstarter, being early to work is the first step. In addition, always make an effort to finish your tasks fast. Time is an essential asset in a business, after all.

As a final tip, if you feel overwhelmed by the tasks and quotas, just remember that coffee is free, and there is a monthly feeding program at the pantry!! In addition, keep in mind that working experience is always an advantage when job hunting. 

My time at Syntactics was very fruitful. My English skills improved, I became a little more confident when talking to other people, and I was also able to create valuable connections, which is essential to me since I plan to establish a business of my own in the future. – WhatALife!/Vaughn Andre Hadman

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