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Zediah George Rosel

Writer: Zediah George Rosel, Syntactics Inc./WhatALife Jobstarter, July – September 2022

For the first time since I was aware of the wider world, I became part of something greater. The experience of being in a company, working with colleagues, and doing something relevant, touched me. I feel like I’ve changed. The things that I went through served to mold me into something greater than what I was previously. These experiences will shape my mind and future. 

I wish to thank everyone who has contributed to allowing me such a precious opportunity. Because now that I have these experiences under my belt, I’m finally ready to go out confidently to the broader world.

Why I chose Syntactics?

From the start, the company that stood out to me the most was Syntactics. It was an IT company that started from nothing to becoming something. I’ve always liked that personal and material growth, and I wanted to take something from that example.

When I applied to be a Jobstarter, I wanted to quit being so unproductive, change the bad habits that lead to that unproductiveness, and most of all, stop the root of all these unhealthy things, myself. 

To do that, I need something that will motivate me, something that can inspire me, the drive to do more and be more, and I found that in Syntactics. Of the many options I was given, I immediately chose this because, in them, I found my inspiration, my motivation, and my drive to wake up early in the morning every day.

How was your experience as a Jobstarter?

The first time I walked into the training venue for the Jobstarters, I was excited and expectant, and afterwards, the training days were a blend of learning and fun. The feeling you get when you accomplish something relevant and important, that tightness when you’re rushing for a deadline, the leisure when you’ve finished your work. You can relax and enjoy your break… at least until more tasks come piling in. 

Nevertheless, the things that I experienced were all a great help in my development. All the things I saw and encountered, I took what was good and discarded what was flawed; I internalized and used it all to enrich myself.

What are your most memorable memories as a Jobstarter?

The first few days where we trained ourselves in all kinds of life skills would be an unforgettable memory for me for years to come. It was like a mix of excitement and leisure, blended simultaneously and indistinguishable from one another. 

That time my team cooperated to perform a play on stage in front of our peers was exhilarating. 

The moments when I was reprimanded for my mistakes were forever etched into my soul. 

And the feeling of finding something to be good at sent endorphins rushing through my brain.

But the one thing I’ll never forget was when I was praised for a job well done by my supervisor; I honestly was not expecting that. 

That time I jumped out of my comfort zone, combining three subjects into one article, and I was happy. Then the supervisor sent me a message. “Was it something I did?” I asked myself. Well, there was nothing to it except to open it up. 

And then suddenly, a compliment: “This is good thinking!” I honestly didn’t know what to do, so I just gave it a thumbs up, 

What was the hardest part of being a Jobstarter?

Adapting to a vastly different lifestyle will always be difficult, and it was the same for me. That feeling of waking up early at 4 or 5 in the morning, shovelling food down your throat, rushing through putting on your shoes and then just booking it! And after you get to the office, there are all these strange things and all the unfamiliar faces. So you have to do this or that thing, and someone has to orient you and take you through the steps, but you still don’t quite get it.

Gradually, I adapted. I learned from my mistakes and strove not to make them again. I watched how to do the given tasks and how to do them right. Everything is challenging if you don’t know how to adapt, and I learned to do so from the best teacher, life itself. 

What are your life hacks for Jobstarters?

For most of my time as a Jobstarter, one thing I’ve always carried around is a pen and paper. I usually don’t use them much, but they come in handy whenever needed. For example, it would be signing documents or taking notes on critical information while in a rush.

Another thing that’s always handy is a positive outlook on life. Of course, there will always be setbacks, but whatever the case, always look at the positives in life. It serves me to be more optimistic whenever I’m in a rut and don’t know what to do.

For most of my time, I was only coasting along the dull life without any excitement or change. But then I encountered the Jobstarters program, and I pushed to make something out of myself, improve, be active, and become something more

I wanted to not just coast through life and go with the flow, as a dead fish carried away with the stream, but to instead swim against the current, go through whatever hardships you may face, and jump out of your comfort zone, out from the stream that you always coast through. 

Eventually, you might leap up even a waterfall and over the dragon gate, the most challenging of obstacles; then, you will transform into a great dragon. A dragon can fly above any obstacle, just like how you will be able to pass through any hardship.

And to me, the most significant hardship I have finally started to overcome is to be better. – WhatALife!/Zed

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