LTO Violation Checker: How to check LTO Violations online?

how to check lto violation online

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This blog details how you can check your LTO violations via the online Violation Checker through the LTMS portal.

With the recent changes in the validity of driver’s licenses, the Land Transportation Office has rolled out the demerit system. The demerit system determines how many violations a license holder has by scoring different offenses. Drivers can find their demerit score online to check their LTO violations.

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The Demerit System

The importance of the demerit score is to see if the driver is eligible for a 10-year license validity. The scoring system is as follows:

  • Light Violations – 1 pt
  • Less Grave Violations – 3 pts
  • Grave Violations – 5 pts

The consequence of accumulating 10 pts is license suspension, and you will have to undergo a 40 hr reorientation. If you exceed 40 pts, revocation of license is imminent, and you can only apply for a new permit after 2 years.

Violations and their Corresponding Demerit Points

GRAVE VIOLATIONS (5 demerit points):

  • Driving a motorcycle with a child aboard on public roads (third and succeeding offenses)
  • Using smartphones or an electronic entertainment or computing device while driving (third and succeeding offenses)
  • Failure to wear one’s seat belt, including the passenger (third and succeeding offenses)
  • Failure to wear a motorcycle helmet to their back rider (third and succeeding offenses)
  • Smoke belching (third and succeeding offenses)
  • Reckless driving (third and succeeding offenses)
  • Driving a motor vehicle used for committing a crime
  • Committing a crime while driving a vehicle
  • Driving a PUV and collecting fares without a franchise
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, dangerous drugs, or similar substance
  • Axle overloading
  • Driving an unregistered motor vehicle
  • Driving without a valid driver’s license (Who gets the demerit points LMAO)
  • Submission of fake documents when applying for or renewing a driver’s license
  • Disregarding traffic signs (repeat offenders)
  • Overtaking:
    • At a curve
    • When the left side is not clear of oncoming traffic, 
    • at an intersection;
    • in a no-overtaking zone;
    • within an unsafe distance;
    • upon a crest or grade;
    • at any railway crossing;
  • Not giving way to an overtaking vehicle
  • Speeding up when being overtaken
  • Cutting an overtaken vehicle
  • Failure to yield right of way
  • Driving a motorcycle with more than one passenger
  • Presentation of fake CPC, OR/CR, plates, stickers, or tags
  • Operating a vehicle with defective, improper, or illegal accessories, devices, equipment, or parts
  • Carrying illegal or prohibited cargo (Drugs, Illegal Firearms, endangered animals, etc.)
  • Unauthorized motor vehicle modification 
  • Operating a right-hand-drive motor vehicle
  • Driving against the flow of traffic
  • Fraud concerning the registration or renewal of the registration of the motor vehicle

LESS GRAVE VIOLATIONS (3 demerit points):

  • Driving a motorcycle with a child aboard on public roads (second offense)
  • Using smartphones or an electronic entertainment or computing device while driving (second offense)
  • Failure to wear one’s seatbelt, including the passenger (second offense)
  • Failure to wear a motorcycle helmet and their back rider (second offense)
  • Smoke-belching (second offense)
  • Reckless driving (second offense)
  • Intentional Traffic Obstruction
  • Illegal Parking 
  • Allowing passengers on the motor vehicle roof
  • Not dimming headlights when approaching another motor vehicle
  • Hitching or permitting a bicycle, a person, a skateboarder, a motorcycle, or a tricycle to hitch to a motor vehicle
  • Not yielding right of way to pedestrians at a pedestrian crossing
  • Not stopping before traversing a “through highway” or railroad crossing
  • Not yielding right of way to an ambulance, a police car, or a fire truck 
  • Not yielding right of way at a “through highway” or a “stop intersection.”
  • Not shutting down the engine and engaging the handbrake when the vehicle is unattended
  • Failure to attach license plates
  • Tampering with license plates
  • Load-extending beyond the projected width without a permit
  • Operating a bus or truck with cargo exceeding 160kg of its load limit
  • Not rendering service to the public or not conveying a passenger to a destination for PUVs 
  • Trip-cutting for PUVs 
  • Violations in connection with motor vehicle registration

LIGHT VIOLATIONS (1 demerit point)

  • Driving a motorcycle with a child aboard on public roads (first offense)
  • Using smartphones or an electronic entertainment or computing device while driving (first offense)
  • Failure to wear one’s seat belt, including the passenger (first offense)
  • Failure to wear a motorcycle helmet and their back rider (first offense)
  • Smoke belching (first offense)
  • Reckless driving (first offense)
  • Driving in places not intended for traffic or into areas not allowed for parking 
  • Not carrying a driver’s license or the OR/CR while driving a motor vehicle
  • Failure to provide a cover to cargo or freight trucks
  • Overtaking on “men working” and “caution” signs
  • Not yielding right of way to vehicles on a highway when entering from a private road
  • Not using signal lights when turning
  • Not following proper lane designation when taking a turn
  • Unsafe towing
  • Overcharging/undercharging of fare ( God Bless undercharging guy)
  • No franchise or certificate of public conveyance carried inside PUV
  • Defective, fast, or tampered taxi meter
  • Operating without a taxi seal with an old taxi meter or broken seal
  • Broken, tampered, joined, reconnected, fake, or altered sealing wire of taxi meters
  • Not providing fare discounts to those entitled to them under existing laws and pertinent memorandum circulars of the LTFRB
  • No signboard for PUVs
  • Pick-up and drop-off of passengers outside the terminal for Busses
  • Failure to display fare matrix 
  • Not displaying the International Symbol of Access inside a PUV, not designating seats for the use of persons with disabilities, refusing to transport PWDs
  • Franchise breach of the conditions stated on the 2011 revised terms and conditions on the certificate of public conveyance
  • Not displaying a “no smoking” sign and allowing personnel or passengers to smoke inside a PUV

Registering for LTO’s  Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) Online Portal to access the Violation Checker

  1. Go to the LTMS Online Portal and click “Register Now.”
register ltms portal
  1. Read through the terms and conditions and tick the “Yes, I Accept” box if you agree to their terms. Then, write down the Captcha and click “Next” to proceed.
captcha ltms portal
  1. On the next page, choose whether you are registering as an individual or as the representative of an organization.
registration page ltms
  1. In this case, we shall proceed to register as an individual. Again, fill in the details and double-check for typos and misspells. The first page will ask if you have a license. Click “yes” to input your license details and track your violations.
check lto violation online
  1. Once you are finished filling out the necessary information, the LTO will send an email to verify the validity and your intention to register. Do note that the verification link is only valid for 24 hrs. If not done immediately, you will have to register again.
ltms email verification
  1. Once you click the link, you will be redirected to proceed with your registration by creating a strong password.
ltms password
  1. After setting up your password, LTMS will display your profile dashboard.
ltms portal dashboard

Checking your LTO Violations Online via the Violation Checker

Verifying your LTO violations online is easy through the checker. First, log in to your account with your driver’s license info, then click on VIOLATIONS. The portal will display your demerit score, fines, and violation history.

check lto violations online via violation checker

Final Thoughts

With the digitalization of government services, it’s good to see that people can now track their records conveniently without undergoing a tedious process. However, the best way to avoid remembering your violations is not to violate the law!

Drive safe! – WhatALife!/Vaughn

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