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Top 8 Filipino Cold Desserts to Beat the Heat 

top 8 filipino cold desserts to beat the heat

Despite the rising heat index in the Philippines, Filipinos love their piping hot coffee. However, indulging in a Filipino dessert can be just as satisfying when seeking relief from the heat. For those seeking a refreshing cool-down, here are 8 top Filipino cold desserts to beat the heat.

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Ice Candy

ice candy

Ice candy is a frozen treat made by filling plastic tubes with flavored liquid and freezing them. It is one of the cheapest Filipino cold dessert   treats both young and old enjoy during the summer. It’s a popular and affordable snack during the hot summer months, and it comes in various flavors like mango, buko (coconut), and chocolate.

Saba and Mais con Yelo 

con yelo 1

A cool banana treat would be the Saba con Hielo. This is made with saba, a banana used for bananacue, covered in ice, and doused with milk. The bananas are stewed in sugar syrup first to give it a softer texture. It’s also called minatamis na saging or saging con yelo in some places.

Mais con yelo is another sweet and refreshing thirst-quencher. It may be a simple treat, but it can help you stay cool during hot summer days. Combine shaved ice, corn kernels, and condensed milk, and your sweet summer chiller is ready. Add ice cream, cornflakes, or rice crispies to make it yummier.

Ice Scramble


Ice Scramble, or “Iskrambol,” is a sweet frozen dessert made of shaved ice mixed with powdered milk and topped with different syrups and sprinkles. It’s a popular street food and a childhood favorite of many Filipinos. This popular Filipino dessert is usually sold outside schools on carts or small stalls with bikes on them. It’s a humble, inexpensive version of the smoothie or milkshake. Some ice scramble stands let you choose more toppings like chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and rainbow sprinkles.

Buko Pandan


Buko pandan is a Filipino cold dessert for special occasions like fiestas and birthday parties. Every Pinoy family has their version of this cold dessert. This is made with pandan-flavored gelatin mixed with young coconut or buko strips, milk, cream, and tapioca balls. The pandan-flavored gelatin is made by boiling the leaves of pandan, a plant common in Southeast Asia, to infuse the water with its light flavor and fragrant smell. Gelatin is added to the water and is cooled till solid. It’s then chopped into small cubes and mixed with the other ingredients. Serve frozen or chilled for a perfect summer snack.

Fruit Shake


Fruit Shakes are a popular drink during the summer season in the Philippines. Arguably the easiest to make on this list, the cold and nutritious fruit shake is a healthy alternative that will surely make you feel guilt-free whenever you crave something sweet and refreshing. They blend fresh fruits like mangoes, bananas, and pineapples with milk or ice. They’re a healthy, refreshing option to cool down on a hot day.

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Filipinos are also huge fans of ice cream, characteristic of the country’s profound American and Spanish influence. Although it’s popularly known as “dirty ice cream,” nothing is dirty about it. Commonly peddled by street vendors in their colorful carts, sorbetes are often made with coconut or dairy milk and traditionally served in small wafer cones and, more recently, bread buns. Sorbetes usually comes in several flavors, such as the favorite ube, keso (cheese), strawberry, and buko pandan.

Sago’t Gulaman

sagot gulaman 2

Opting for a Filipino cold dessert recipe that’s easy to make? Try the sago’t gulaman, a mixture of sago (cooked tapioca pearls), gulaman (a gelatin made of dried seaweed), and syrup made of caramelized sugar. This drink has various colors and sweetness, but a tall glass will quench your thirst and satisfy your sugar craving. It’s a popular drink during the summer season and can be found in most local eateries and street food vendors.



We could never forget the halo-halo when talking about cool Pinoy treats. Although the ingredients don’t make sense, it’s a fantastic mixture of sweet, tangy, and cool. This cold summer treat comprises red beans and fruits, nata de coco, gelatin, and rice crispies mixed with shaved ice and milk and topped with creamy flan and ice cream.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the ice desert in the Philippines?

Ice candy is a popular frozen treat in the Philippines. It is made by filling plastic tubes with flavored liquid and freezing them. It is enjoyed by both young and old during the summer months. 

What are the Philippines famous frozen desserts? 

Some of the famous frozen desserts in the Philippines include Ice Candy, Saba con Hielo, Mais con Yelo, Ice Scramble, Buko Pandan, Fruit Shake, Sorbetes, Sago’t Gulaman, and Halo-halo.

Halo-halo is a popular Filipino dessert consisting of red beans, fruits, nata de coco, gelatin, and rice crispies mixed with shaved ice and milk, topped with creamy flan and ice cream.

What is a Filipino ice cream called?

Popular Filipino ice cream is commonly known as “sorbetes,” traditionally sold by street vendors in colorful carts.

The Bottom Line Is

Even though hot coffee is the preferred beverage in the Philippines, people also enjoy a variety of Filipino cold desserts amid the intense heat, which brings comfort and satisfaction to the summertime. These treats, which range from halo-halo to ice candy, have distinctive flavors and ingredients to suit a variety of palates. These desserts, which can be eaten as lavish party fare or as straightforward street food, are essential to Filipino culinary culture; they highlight the variety of Filipino food, which people of all ages cherish and is still a vital component of the country’s culinary history.


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