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9 Healthy Meal Prep & Cafes in CDO That You Should Try

Sweet and greasy—oh how we love them no matter how much it puts our health at risk. But its fries and pizza for crying out loud! Who doesn’t want to binge that? But if you are working on to achieve your #bodygoals, consistently indulging yourself in these sorts of food will NOT help you succeed. Well, fret no more! For you can now shift into a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing any of your favorites. Take a look at this list of nutritious meal prep and cafe that you can find in Cagayan de Oro, offering healthy yet delicious meals.  


The official retail store of Cenyu probio products offers probiotic poultry products. Likewise, other nutritious alternatives such as supplements and superfoods, as well as Chicken Longganisa, Chicken Adobo Flakes, Chicken Sandwich, and Roasted Chicken are also available in probiotic.  


Aside from their cozy and welcoming ambiance, they offer tasty yet nutritious meals. You can even create your salad according to your preference at their salad bar, and kids can enjoy their delightful smoothy bowl. In addition, they serve black rice meals, pasta, cold-pressed juices, and more.  


After shifting to a full-fledged vegetarian life, the owners of Pilian Cafe wanted to share with others their lifestyle. They promote local vegetables and products with no added preservatives. Also, they contribute to preserving the environment as a zero-waste shop. Pilian Cafe also caters meal preps and deliveries.  


Tuesday Kitchen offers weekly meal prep subscriptions, serving different meal plans every week right in your doorstep. They specialized in preparing low-calorie meals, as well as baking yummy pastries. (Check out: MONday Cookie Treats)  


Basic CDO ensures to serve fresh and healthy ingredients, catering daily meal plan subscriptions from Monday to Friday. They aim to prepare nourishing meals for Kagay-anons and help them achieve their fitness goals. Basic CDO releases daily menu and is a ‘first call, first serve’ basis.  


Krunch CDO caters nutritious meal plans and detox programs, aiming to serve health-conscious people as well as other health goals such as weight loss and muscle gain. They also cater to patients who have diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, and other nutritional dependent ailments.  


Pane e Dolci started out as an online-based pastry business specializing in baking cakes and delectable desserts. Aside from their specialty and famous Sylvannas, they also serve healthy meals for health-conscious people.  


Coming from a long way, Echostore has seven branches, including Makati, Serendra, Ortigas, Quezon, Cebu, and Davao. They don’t just prepare healthy meals but also promote the local produce of the local farmers. Other organic products are available here. For convenience, customers can as well visit their e-commerce.  


Lastly, if you are craving for more nutritious bread and pastries contact Abigail’s basket now! Pastry alternatives such as Pizza Fold, Cinamon Bread, Banana Bread, and Binangkal, buyers are guaranteed with a yummy and nourishing option.

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