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Tom Rodriguez confirms he is seeing someone

tom rodriguez confirms he is seeing someone

In an exclusive interview with Nelson Canlas for GMA Integrated News Interviews, Kapuso star Tom Rodriguez shared insights about his life and love journey, officially marking his return to showbiz after a hiatus.

Rodriguez candidly discussed his experience living a simpler life in the US, emphasizing how it allowed him to focus on self-love and improvement. 

Reflecting on his emotional healing during this period, he conveyed the significance of embracing simplicity and relinquishing the need to control every aspect of life.

“Mas simple lahat ng bagay. Relish to simple things. Kung ano para sa iyo, mapupunta sa iyo,” Tom said, emphasizing the idea of letting go and trusting in divine providence.

The actor took a break from showbiz for over two years following his separation from ex-wife Carla Abellana. 

When asked about his emotional healing progress, Tom expressed confidence, stating, “I would say so.”

Regarding a potential reunion with his ex-wife, Tom conveyed a sense of detachment, saying, “You know we have our own paths, our own lives now, and I wish her well in hers.”

Nelson inquired about Tom’s openness to giving love a second chance, to which the actor confessed, “In fact, I am seeing someone.” 

Tom shared that he met his current special someone when he felt completely healed and ready to love again, describing the encounter as perfect timing.

“Once I was ready, it came at the right time [because] I thought like at that point, I thought it would never happen again,” Tom revealed. 

Despite the revelation, the Kapuso actor opted to keep details about his new relationship private.

As Tom returns to work, he has started accepting projects again, with an upcoming role in the theater production of Ibarra.

The Musical marking his awaited comeback to the stage. Additionally, he has re-entered of social media with new accounts on Instagram and TikTok, signaling a fresh chapter in both his personal and professional life.

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