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Carla Abellana ready to face Tom Rodriguez after divorce

carla abellana ready to face tom rodriguez after divorce

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Tom Rodriguez has been back in the US for more than two years, and Carla Abellana says she’s ready to meet him if he shows up.

Both celebrities are GMA-7 contract stars who belong to the same industry.

She admits that she was unaware of his arrival and emphasizes that she is not afraid, anxious, or intimidated by the idea.

Carla Abellana agrees that it’s reasonable given his responsibilities to their mother network. She says she’s not the kind to run from the situation and that she’s ready to face him if their paths cross.

The actress, who looks damped, emphasizes that she has already moved on from their divorce.

“At this point, I’ve already found peace. I’ve already closed that sad chapter in my life. It’s more than just moving on. I’m in a happy state. I’m happy with my life and with where and who I am now!” she said.

“I believe that sometimes, the things you don’t expect to happen. Life has lots of irony. Many unpredictable things do come true. I don’t want to end my sentence with a period. Let’s see in the coming days,” she added.

Rodriguez’s “obligation” to his acting career led the actress to argue that she always thought Rodriguez would return to the Philippines.

Artista siya. May obligation siya. He’s a Kapuso. Dadating naman talaga ‘yung day na babalik siya sa trabaho, hindi mo maiiwasan ‘yan. I thought about [that possibility] many times. You just don’t know when,” she said.

Tom Rodriguez’s manager, movie producer Popoy Caritativo, announced his homecoming on Instagram on January 27, sharing a photo from their meeting in Mandaluyong.

Abellana and Rodriguez dated for a while before being married in October 2021. But their union was short-lived—just three months. After that, Rodriguez returned to the US and filed for divorce.

Since divorce is illegal in the Philippines, the actress filed a petition in 2023 to have their divorce recognized.


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