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Teenager minor dies near Ayala CDO after fatal stabbing in broad daylight

ayala cdo stabbing

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, PHILIPPINES — On October 23, afternoon, one teenage male minor died along Corrales Avenue, between Centrio Ayala Mall CDO and NMMC (Northern Mindanao Medical Center), after being stabbed in broad daylight by another male. 

Initial police investigations indicate a gang war between rival teenage gangs as the cause of the fatal stabbing of a 13-year-old victim. The minor was killed right in front of a mall and in front of many witnesses.

According to the reports, the Ayala Mall CDO stabbing incident happened during a brawl between two rival gangs, KLP (Kaibigan Lang Po), the victim’s group, and SSD (Soy Shit Dem). Radio reports state that the main suspect, a member of the rival gang SSD, is an 18-year-old gang member.

Later, the police took into custody several members of the KLP group for further investigation. Some of the young KLP members who were with the minor victim when he died in Corrales Avenue are currently under police custody at Police Station 1 Divisoria for further investigation into the gang war that resulted in a stabbing. 

Meanwhile, the suspects belonging to the rival SSD group are missing, and at the moment, the young suspects are all still at large. Accordingly, the suspected members of the SSD or Soy Shit Dem are now wanted and being hunted down by the police.

The suspects involved in the beating and stabbing incident may be facing various criminal charges, where they may be charged with murder.

The crime incident in broad daylight and the death of a minor on Corrales Street in Cagayan de Oro was also caught on videos by witnesses that have gone viral on social media. 

In one video, a group of suspects is shown ganging up on the victim beside a parked motorela before one suspect comes up and repeatedly stabs the victim. The video then recorded the group escaping toward the direction of CM Recto-Corrales Junction, and one of the suspects was still holding a bladed weapon.

A second video showed the victim lying on the pavement with a bloodied shirt. The victim seemed to have moved about 25 meters from where the stabbing started. Meanwhile, a third video showed a concerned citizen trying to help the victim stem his bleeding.

See the videos of the incident here. (Warning: The video shows violent or graphic content.) – WhatALife!/Zed

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