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SnoRene love triangle trends as Aldrich shakes things up in “Can’t Buy Me Love”

snorene love triangle trends as aldrich shakes things up in cant buy me love.

Viewers of “Can’t Buy Me Love” are thrilled by the love triangle romance of SnoRene as Aldrich comes into play, portrayed by Jake Ejercito, which adds an unexpected twist to the storyline.

The on-screen chemistry between Maris Racal as Irene and Anthony Jennings as Snoop, also known as MaTon, continues to captivate audiences, increasing the “SnoRene” moments that fans eagerly anticipate. 

However, the arrival of Aldrich has brought a new dynamic to the narrative.


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Irene finds herself torn between her growing feelings for Snoop and the advice of her sister Bettina, played by Kaila Estrada, to seek a distraction. 

Seizing the opportunity, Irene enters into a relationship with Aldrich, who reciprocates her feelings. Despite their newfound connection, Irene cannot shake her thoughts of Snoop.

A series of jealousy-fueled scenes ensue as Irene becomes increasingly insecure about the close bond between Snoop and his friend Daraxi, portrayed by Vivoree. 

These moments of jealousy between Snoop and Irene, dubbed “SnoRene,” have gone viral and trended across social media platforms.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers eagerly anticipate the confrontation between Daraxi and Irene, which may jeopardize Irene’s job. 

As tensions rise, fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the resolution of the love triangle.

With only six weeks left until the conclusion of “Can’t Buy Me Love” on Netflix, audiences are excited over how Irene and Snoop will confront their feelings. 

Will they confess their love before it’s too late, or will external factors tear them apart?

As the series reaches its most exciting part, one thing is certain – the rollercoaster of emotions and gripping storyline of “Can’t Buy Me Love” keeps viewers hooked, ensuring its place as one of the most talked-about dramas of the season.

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