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L’Oréal Paris PH celebrates defying expectations, embracing self-worth

loreal paris ph celebrates defying expectations embracing self worth

Forget the whispers of “sayang ka” (such a waste) or the dismissive “kababae mong tao” (you’re a woman).  L’Oreal Paris Philippines launched a powerful campaign celebrating Filipina women rewriting the narrative.

A recent L’Oreal Paris advocacy campaign addressed the prevalent issue faced by many women who have been marginalized and underestimated. 

The message resonates with those who have encountered phrases like “Kababae mong tao…” or “Maganda ka sana, kaya lang…” – expressions that seek to diminish their potential based on societal standards.

This inspiring message resonates with countless women who have faced limitations based on societal expectations, such as former Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Iza Calzado, Belle Rodolfo, and Deng Garcia

The campaign highlights the strength and resilience it takes to pursue one’s path, regardless of external pressures.

The campaign centers around the thought-provoking question: “Sayang ba ‘yun?” (Is that a waste?). It challenges the notion of “wasting” potential by fitting into pre-defined standards.

“While others expect us to conform to their timelines,” Iza Calzado states, “we’re building homes and dreams at our own pace.” It celebrates women who prioritize their personal growth and aspirations, defying the pressure to conform.

Furthermore, Belle Rodolfo and Deng Garcia empower women to be vocal advocates: “While they expect us to be silent, we inspire the youth to love bravely and stand for their own beliefs.” It shines a light on women who break the mold by advocating for themselves and others.

The message doesn’t stop there. It highlights the ability of women to create their own spaces: “While others deny us a seat at the table, we’re creating our own space – paving the way for others to follow.” It celebrates women who forge their paths, refusing to be limited by pre-determined roles.

The campaign acknowledges that societal understanding may not always be immediate: “Others may never understand, and others may never see.” 

However, it emphasizes the importance of self-worth: “But we know our worth, and always will. Kaya sinong sinong sayang ngayon?” (So, who’s the real waste now?).

The campaign culminates in a powerful declaration: “When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we confidently say – “I’m Worth It.” 

This message serves as a rally for women to embrace their individuality and value.

L’Oreal Paris, a brand known for empowering women, aligns perfectly with this campaign. They stand with Filipina women who defy expectations, break barriers, and forge their own paths.

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