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SnoRene fever made tough guys ‘kilig’

snorene phenomenon made tough guys kilig

Maris Racal is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from her male fans for her tandem with Anthony Jennings.

She recently shared a reaction video of tough-looking guys, complete with tattoos, on her Instagram. 

Despite their rugged appearance, their genuine emotions of kilig were unmistakable, even accompanied by playful banter over scenes featuring Maris and Anthony.

The particular scene in focus involved Anthony (Snoop) inviting Maris (Irene) to grab a bite at a local eatery. With her witty remarks, Maris questioned why she had to be asked for food.

Anthony quickly replied, expressing his desire to share a meal, igniting a spark of excitement among their fans.

“Kalalakihan!” exclaimed Maris, accompanied by a crying emoji.

“Happy to see your live reactions. Hope you keep on watching ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’!” Maris added.

Indeed, even the tough guys find themselves swept up in the charm of the SnoRene or MaThon tandem.

The support doesn’t stop there; even Kapuso stars couldn’t help but react to SnoRene.

“Kilig super!” exclaimed Jo Berry, the lead in ‘Lilet Matias: Attorney-At-Law.’ Jak Roberto could only respond with laughing emojis.

Fans also chimed in with their excitement:

“SnoRene ang lakas nyu magpakilig.”

“’Yung ‘hindi ka dalawa’ will forever be funny to me.”

“Ganyan din kaya reaction ko. Actually mas malala pa jan, ewan ko ba sa inyo sobrang kilig naman kasi.”

“Hahaha! My gosh aliw ako sa reactions nila! Hahahaha! Ang cute! Ang saya!”

“Thank you po sa pag-notice ng reaction video namin.”

“Iba talaga ‘pag mga lalaki na ang kiligin ei ayiiiieeee sabay hampas.”

“Nang dahil sa SnoRene pati kaming mga lalaki kinikilig na rin.”

“Maraming love teams na babae lang tinatamaan, pero iba kapag pati lalaki kinilig, rare lang yan! Kudos @anthonyjenningss @mariesteller sana may mag-produce ng pelikula sa tandem nyo.”

“It was posted just an hour ago, pero grabe ‘yung post engagement oh. Buhay na buhay ‘yung comment section. This goes to show na kailangan niyo na talagang panindigan ‘yung kilig namin sa inyo #Snorene.”

Maris Racal’s post has garnered nearly two thousand comments and a hundred thousand likes.

The MaThon or SnoRene phenomenon truly stands out. Despite not being the lead characters of the series Can’t Buy Me Love, fans eagerly await their scenes.

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