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Shein influencers share shopping habits at Style Avenue Pop-Up Event

shein influencers share shopping habits at style avenue pop up event

Viy Cortez, known for her candid and entertaining interviews, recently caught up with some leading influencers at SHEIN’s Style Avenue Pop-Up event. 

Among the topics discussed was the age-old question: “Magkano ang pinakalimit kapag nag-sho-shopping?” (How much is your shopping limit?)

During the lively interview, Small Laude revealed that her shopping limit typically hovers around 30,000 pesos, while Belle Mariano admitted she tends to splurge on everything she desires in her cart. 

Harlene Budol, on the other hand, confessed that she usually stops shopping once she reaches the 10,000 peso mark.

Inquisitive as ever, Viy Cortez delved further into the influencers’ shopping habits, asking whether they seek permission from their husbands before making purchases. 

Small Laude shared that if she’s using her husband’s money, she would ask for permission, but if it’s her earnings, she sees no need to seek approval.

The atmosphere lightened when Melai humorously remarked, “Wala ng paalam paalam kasi wala tayong respeto” (No need to ask permission anymore because we have no respect), prompting laughter from Viy Cortez.

Adding to the discussion, Melai emphasized that her husband doesn’t interfere with her finances, stating, “Ang husband ko wala namang pakialam sa mga financial ko. Money ko money ko, money niya money namin” (My husband doesn’t meddle with my finances. What’s mine is mine, what’s his is ours).

Meiko Montefalco concluded the interview by sharing that she and her husband had established agreements regarding financial management since their marriage, highlighting the importance of open communication and mutual understanding in relationships.

The event hosted by SHEIN last  March 17 at Festival Mall Alabang invites visitors to explore the latest trends in fashion.

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