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Maris Racal, Anthony Jennings hope for ‘SnoRene Family’ in “Can’t Buy Me Love” series

maris racal anthony jennings hope for snorene family in cant buy me love series

The on-screen pairing of Kapamilya stars Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings in the drama series “Can’t Buy Me Love” has been gaining popularity among viewers.

Even renowned TV host-vlogger Luis Manzano couldn’t help but express his admiration for the chemistry between the two, confessing his delight during an interview with them for his vlog “Luis Listens.”

During the interview, Manzano asked about their impressions of each other, considering that this was their first time working together and the unexpected warm reception they received from audiences.

“So si Maris, alam ko naman na mabait siya kasi nakikita ko siya kung paano siya makisama sa mga tao,” shared Anthony.

He even recalled an online interview with Maris during the pandemic, where he couldn’t quite remember their interaction.

Maris reminisced, “Pero ang tumatak sa akin ‘yung sa dressing room ng Christmas Special 2022. Tapos hindi siya tumitingin ss akin. Si Louise [Abuel] lang ang nagha-hi sa akin.

“Tapos same kami ng dressing room nung Christmas special tapos sabi ko, ‘A, ok. Hindi na rin kita papansinin.” she added.

However, they now appreciate each other more, especially since their personalities and quirks have clicked.

When asked by Luis about their desired ending for their characters in “Can’t Buy Me Love,” Maris and Anthony expressed their wish for their characters to have children.

“Kung saka-sakali man papapiliin kayo kung ano magiging ending ng kuwento ni Snoop saka ni Irene, ano ‘yon?” inquired Luis.

“Magkaka-baby sila,” Maris replied.

Anthony said, “Oo, ayun ‘yung triplets.”

Maris added, “Sana magka-baby sila para naman may closure ‘yung ano natin, ‘yung paghahabulan sa isa’t isa about pregnancy.”

“Saka du’n nalungkot ‘yung tao talaga eh. Nu’ng nalaman nilang hindi siya buntis [Irene],” Anthony remarked.

The anticipation for the unfolding storyline of “Can’t Buy Me Love” continues to grow as viewers eagerly await the fate of Snoop and Irene’s relationship.

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