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Skypodcast: “In twenties and thirties, you’re learning about the real world”

skypodcast in twenties and thirties youre learning about the real world

This episode of the Sky Podcast dives into the difference between life in your 20s and 30s. Hosts Kryz and Slater share their experiences and offer advice for listeners in both age groups.

The episode opens with Kryz and Slater acknowledging the significant difference in energy levels between their 20s and 30s. 

They reminisce about their younger days with seemingly endless stamina and the ability to function on minimal sleep. Now, in their 30s, they prioritize sleep and find late nights less appealing.

The conversation explores how priorities change with age. Kryz mentions constantly feeling pressured to be “on the go” in her 20s, attend events, and socialize heavily.

Slater adds that social media can exacerbate this pressure, showcasing a highlight of others’ seemingly perfect lives.

Kryz advises listeners in their 20s who might feel lost or uncertain about their career paths. 

She emphasizes the importance of being patient and understanding that it’s okay to take time to explore different options. 

Slater adds that social media can be misleading, and true success often comes from focusing on what you’re passionate about.

The two acknowledge that the “cringe-worthy” moments and experiences of their 20s ultimately contributed to their growth.

They believe life begins in your 30s, a time of greater self-awareness, contentment, and resilience.

“And when you’re in your 20s to your 30s, you’re learning about the real world. And how to apply everything you learn in school to the real world. So, you are expected to make mistakes. Expected that it was cringe. Expected that it was pressure. And that’s why I say life begins at 30,” Kryz shared.

“I think in our 20s, we experience a lot of pain, we experience a lot of anxiety, and we experience a lot of problems, especially throughout the whole,” she added.

The hosts’ relatable anecdotes throughout the episode show listeners the complexities of adulthood in their 30s. From grappling with career uncertainties to embracing the lessons learned from past mistakes, the hosts offer a refreshing perspective on self-discovery and personal growth.

“So we experience a lot of these heartaches and pain, and what I’ve realized is that even those breakups, those failed businesses, those failed career paths, and it makes me stronger, and it makes me more resilient because those things that I’ve gone through and I’ve used this throughout my life, hey, this is nothing compared to what I experienced to that,” Slater said.

“It’s good to have a timeline and goals and all these things, but there’s no shame in your timeline being different from everybody else’s,” Kryz added.

“Explore and enjoy those moments because, when you’re in your 30s, wala ka naring energy,” Slater concluded as the episode ended.

The hosts leave listeners with a message of hope and encouragement, reminding them that life’s challenges are growth opportunities and that resilience and self-discovery are vital in the journey through the complexities of adulthood.

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