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Rico Blanco enrolls in ‘anti-selos’ class amid SnoRene frenzy

rico blanco enrolls in anti jealousy class amid snorene frenzy

Singer-songwriter Rico Blanco is in the news, not for his music, but for enrolling in an ‘Anti-Jealousy’ class amid buzz about his girlfriend Maris Racal and co-actor Anthony Jennings.

The spotlight is on his enrollment in what netizens call an ‘anti-selos’ of Jak Roberto University’s class, following the surrounding Maris Racal’s growing closeness with co-actor Anthony Jennings for SnoRene loveteam.

Fans have been amazed since Maris and Anthony were spotted together, radiating romance at the recent Star Magical Prom 2024. 

The two’s cozy snapshots on Maris’s Instagram only fueled speculation, prompting witty comments from netizens poking fun at Rico’s possible unease over the budding romance.

“Wahahhaha, he should enroll in the Jak Anti-Selos University,” quipped one netizen, while another joked, “Rico left the earth HAHAHA.”

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Many admired Rico’s professionalism and support for his girlfriend, despite the teasing. 

One fan praised Rico for being “very supportive” and “proud” of Maris’s career achievements, contrasting reel life from real life.

“Kudos to @ricoblanco100 for being so professional despite for being “seloso” like @mariesteller stated sa SS conversation (a year ago).. I love you both so much been following you guys sa insta, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.. Everyday waiting sa ayuda nyo everyday (videos together) ang lala ng tama ko sainyong dalawa. I love you both,” one netizen commented.

The Maris-Anthony tandem began when audiences caught wind of their on-screen chemistry in “Can’t Buy Me Love.” 

Since then, their fan base has flourished, but Rico’s support for Maris remains steadfast.

Amid this frenzy, Maris took a moment to greet Rico on his birthday, affectionately calling him her “favorite kausap” and declaring her love.

While the public’s attention is on Rico’s enrollment in the ‘Anti-Jealousy’ class and the blossoming SnoRene of Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings romance on screen, it’s evident that Rico and Maris’s bond remains strong despite the playful banter online.

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