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SnoRene loveteam set to romance on-screen in new project


Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings, popularly known as “SnoRene” from their roles in the TV series “Can’t Buy Me Love,” are gearing up to steal the hearts of fans once again in an upcoming project under the direction of filmmaker JP Laxamana.

The news broke out through Maris Racal’s Instagram post, featuring a meeting with Anthony Jennings, Director JP Laxamana, and some members of the staff. 

While the details of the project remain under wraps, the post, captioned with a simple “Hi” and a smiling face emoji, has already sparked excitement among fans and the industry.

(Maris Racal IG Post)

In the post’s comment section, Director JP Laxamana expressed his eagerness to work with Racal, stating, “After 8 years!!!! I will finally work with you again,” highlighting the long-awaited reunion between the director and the actress. 

Laxamana, known for his successful films such as “100 Tula Para Kay Stella,” “Just a Stranger,” and “Between Maybes,” brings a promise of quality and intrigue to this new venture.

Similarly, Anthony Jennings shared a post with an encouraging caption, “Don’t forget to pray every day. Maraming salamat po!” reflecting his gratitude and anticipation for the project.

(Anthony Jennings IG Post)

Fans of the SnoRene tandem have flooded social media with messages of support and excitement, eagerly awaiting more details about the collaboration. 

Comments ranged from eager speculations about the nature of the project—whether it be a movie or a television series—to expressions of support for Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings.

The pairing of Racal and Jennings gained popularity through “Can’t Buy Me Love,” which featured Donny Pangilinan Belle Mariano and a stellar supporting cast. 

Despite past controversies regarding the dynamic within the series, Anthony Jennings clarified, emphasizing the spirit of friendship and collaboration among the cast, “We are all friends here, and there is no overshadowing anyone. A project cannot succeed with just one person’s effort…You need a connection with each other.”

This upcoming project marks a new chapter for Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings and signifies a highly anticipated reunion with Director JP Laxamana. 

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