Home Shaira Moro set ‘Selos’ as official cover amid legal issue from Lenka

Shaira Moro set ‘Selos’ as official cover amid legal issue from Lenka

shaira moro set selos as official cover amid legal issue from lenka

Singer Shaira Moro announces plans to label as “official cover” for her viral hit “Selos,” amidst legal action taken by Australian singer Lenka over the song’s melody similarity to “Trouble Is a Friend.”

Lenka confirmed the legal action in response to concerns raised by a follower on Instagram, stating, “We have taken legal action thanks.”

Following Lenka’s statement, Shaira Moro’s “Selos” was promptly removed from streaming platforms on Tuesday, March 19. 

Speculations arose among netizens, linking the removal to the legal dispute.

AHS Productions, Shaira Moro’s agency, clarified in an official statement that the removal was a voluntary action pending a resolution with Lenka’s team to secure a cover license for “Selos.”

“On behalf of our artist, Shaira, AHS Productions would like to convey our heartfelt apologies to all those who have enjoyed listening to the song “Selos” as it is now unavailable in all online streaming platforms.,” AHS Productions stated.

The agency confirmed that the melody of “Selos” originated from Lenka’s “Trouble Is a Friend” and affirmed ongoing communication with Lenka’s team to formalize “Selos” as an official cover.

“As most of you may know, the melody that we have used is originally from a song entitled “Trouble is a Friend” by Lenka and as of the moment, we are already in contact with her team for us to make “Selos” an official cover,” AHS Productions stated.

Despite the legal challenges, AHS Productions expressed gratitude to fans for embracing “Selos” and expressed pride in Moro’s rise as the “Queen of Bangsamoro Pop.”

“We certainly did not expect that it [would] become this big to a point where Shaira will be known as the ‘Queen of Bangsamoro Pop.’ We could not be prouder,” the agency said.

AHS Productions also reassured fans of Moro’s upcoming original music releases, indicating that she will continue to share her talent beyond covers.

“Anyway, Shairaa Moro Singer will be out with more original music soon, so stay tuned for that,” the agency affirmed.

As the legal proceedings unfold, fans eagerly await the resolution and potential re-upload of “Selos” with official cover status. Until then, the anticipation for Moro’s future musical endeavors remains high.

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