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Quiboloy: pinag-aagawan ako ng babae

quiboloy claimed pinag aagawan ako ng babae

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the founder and leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, has stirred controversy with his remarks on rape, claiming that he is exempt from such crimes due to his wealth.

“Walang rape, mayaman ako kaya pinag-aagawan.” Quiboloy said.

The statement has sparked immediate backlash from various sectors, including women’s rights advocates and the public.

The controversial remarks were further elaborated, where Quiboloy stated, “Too many women fight over me, pinag-aagawan ako.”

“Ako po ay hindi nag-asawa. Ngayon, inaakusahan ako ng napakaraming babae. Ito po ang kasalanan ko: Pinayaman ako ng Panginoong Diyos, single ako kaya pinag-aagawan ako.” Quiboloy added.

This additional statement has fueled criticism, as it seems to perpetuate a troubling narrative that implies consent based on his perceived desirability.

Netizens have swiftly condemned Quiboloy’s statements, labeling them as irresponsible and contributing to a culture that trivializes sexual assault. 

They argue that wealth and popularity should never be used as justifications for immunity from criminal behavior or as excuses for inappropriate remarks.

The controversy surrounding Apollo Quiboloy’s statements adds to the already contentious image of the religious leader, who has faced criticism in the past for his lifestyle and legal issues. 

The Philippine Commission on Human Rights is now being urged to investigate the matter and determine if Quiboloy’s comments warrant legal consequences.

In response to the growing backlash, Quiboloy’s camp has yet to issue an official statement. 

However, social media platforms have been flooded with reactions, with many expressing their outrage and disappointment at the religious leader’s remarks.

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