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Europol disrupts LockBit’s global ransomware operation

Gang behind ‘world’s biggest’ ransomware taken down Europol 1

ROME, EUROPE- Authorities from 10 countries collaborated to disrupt LockBit’s global ransomware operation, resulting in the takedown of 34 servers and arrests of alleged “actors” in Poland and Ukraine.

Law enforcement agencies joined forces to dismantle LockBit’s expansive global ransomware operation, dealing a severe blow to the criminal syndicate responsible for inflicting billions of dollars in damages worldwide.

The global operation targeted syndicate’s intricate infrastructure, leading to the dismantling of 34 servers dispersed across multiple nations, including the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, France, Switzerland, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

This operation crippled the ransomware group, effectively preventing further harm to innocent victims.

Authorities in Poland and Ukraine apprehended two individuals suspected of holding pivotal roles within the LockBit network. 

Judicial authorities in France and the United States issued three international arrest warrants and five indictments, signaling a collective global effort to ensure that the criminals are brought to justice for their crime.

In a significant blow to LockBit’s financial infrastructure, law enforcement agencies froze over 200 cryptocurrency accounts associated with the criminal organization, disrupting their illicit revenue streams and further dismantling their operational capabilities.

“This investigation shows that law enforcement has the capability to disrupt high harm cybercriminals and reduce the ransomware threat,” Europol said.

The agency also emphasized the importance of ongoing communication with victims and private sectors to continue this collaborative work.

The successful operation culminated from an intricate investigation spearheaded by the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) under the codename Operation Cronos. 

In the aftermath of the operation, the UK’s National Crime Agency assumed control of LockBit’s technical infrastructure, including their dark web leak site. 

The international operation followed a complex investigation led by the UK National Crime Agency in the framework of an international task force known as Operation Cronos, coordinated at the European level by Europol and Eurojust.

As authorities persist in their crackdown on ransomware groups and cybercriminal syndicates, concerted efforts to bolster cybersecurity defenses and heighten awareness among businesses and individuals about the perils of ransomware attacks remain imperative in mitigating future threats.


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