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Allegations against Quiboloy prompts Senate and House summons

allegations against quiboloy prompts senate and house summons

The Philippine Senate and House of Representatives, along with Senator Risa Hontiveros, have summoned Apollo Quiboloy, founder of Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), amidst allegations against him and his organization.

In response to allegations, both the Philippine Senate and House of Representatives have taken decisive action by summoning Apollo Quiboloy, the influential founder of Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), for inquiries into a range of concerning accusations.

The summoning comes as a pivotal moment in the ongoing case into Quiboloy and SMNI, on the need for accountability and justice in the face of serious allegations.

Senate chair Sen. Risa Hontiveros has underscored the responsibility of ensuring justice prevails, emphasizing the gravity of the situation with a warning to Quiboloy regarding the strength of the subpoena issued against him.

The House of Representatives has wielded its authority, issuing a subpoena mandating Quiboloy’s attendance at the legislative franchises committee hearing, where crucial discussions on the allegations will take place.

Despite rumors suggesting Quiboloy’s departure from the Philippines, official records indicate no such movement since his last return on July 22, 2023. This has only intensified public interest and scrutiny surrounding the allegations against him.

Former members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) have come forward with harrowing testimonies, a witness named “Rene,” whose name was not disclosed to preserve his safety, claimed to have worked as a landscaper at the Glory Mountain compound, which is Quiboloy’s “prayer mountain” close to Mount Apo.

A large sack filled with various firearms that the KOJC leader would place on the ground within a tent next to his residence, the witness claimed to have seen him transporting.

The witness further stated that if Quiboloy saw him not liking his work, he would hit and smack him. He further claimed that a senior KOJC officer had sexually abused him.

Disturbing accounts have emerged from Quiboloy’s own family, with his grandchild, David, giving a live testimony from the Philippine Embassy in an undisclosed country, alleging detention and torture after being accused of engaging in a prohibited romantic relationship. 

“They put me in a cell… They put chili in our eyes… they put chili in my genitals,” David, who was visibly upset, revealed that Quiboloy had placed the order.

Additionally, three women, including two Ukrainians, have accused Quiboloy of sexual abuse under the guise of religious sacrifice, further amplifying the gravity of the allegations.

As the investigations unfold, the summoning of Quiboloy by both chambers of the Philippine, provides a platform for victims to share their stories and seek justice for the alleged abuses they have endured. 

In the pursuit of transparency and accountability, these developments underscore the importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring that no individual or organization is above reproach.


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