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Cristy Fermin fires back, calling Dominique Roque sensitive

cristy fermin fires back calling dominique roque sensitive

Renowned showbiz columnist and television host, Cristy Fermin, finds herself in a heated exchange with actor Dominic Roque’s released statement.

The two showbiz personalities traded insults following alleged malicious innuendos. 

The controversy began when Fermin slammed Roque and other politicians. She accused Roque of engaging in what she described as “malicious innuendos,” without specifying the details of the alleged remarks.

In response, Roque took to social media, issuing a statement and expressing his disappointment with Fermin’s comments. 

He said that the accusations were baseless and urged Fermin to be more responsible with her words. Roque emphasized the need for respectful and truthful discourse in public discussions.

Cristy Fermin responded to Roque’s statement, defending her right to express opinions, and stating that she won’t apologise for her statements.

She argued that her comments were made in the context of her role as an entertainment commentator, emphasizing the importance of free speech.

“Dominic Roque, nakapaselan mo! Napakasensitibo mo!” Fermin asserted.

The columnist claimed that Roque and Alonzo should take responsibility for addressing the rumors of their separation. “Ano ang malisya ko para sirain sina Bea at Dominic? Pinagtatanggol ko nga sila!”

“Ikaw Dominic, hindi ka pa nga sikat. Ang totoo, kuminang ang pangalan mo dahil kay Bea Alonzo. Magpakatotoo tayo. Tapos ikaw pa ang magiging ganito kaselan at ka-inosente? Unang una, walang malisya, Dominic. Ipinagtatanggol ka pa namin,” she added.

Fermin, known for her straightforward and often controversial opinions, criticized what she perceives as the thin skin of politicians and public figures, stating that they should be able to handle criticism given their positions in the public eye.

Both parties have yet to resolve, and the public remains eager to see whether this feud will escalate further or if a more amicable understanding will be reached between Cristy Fermin and Dominic Roque in the days to come.

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