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PorDee shines as golden goddesses on MEGA magazine cover

pordee shines as golden goddesses on mega magazine cover

In a celebration of Women’s Month, Michelle Dee and Anntonia Porsild, affectionately dubbed #PorDee by fans, graced the cover of MEGA Magazine’s Power Female issue, embodying the essence of strong and empowered goddesses. 

The duo, adorned in shimmering gold bodices and bottoms designed by Glademir Echavarre, posed majestically with their hair styled in long ponytails, setting a striking image of unity and strength.

This marks the first magazine cover featuring both beauty queens together, a choice that MEGA Magazine heralds as a nod to their remarkable confidence and their inspirational role in uplifting women worldwide. 

Their selection for the magazine’s prestigious Power Female issue underscores their influence and the impactful message they carry for their audience.

In addition to the English version, MEGA Magazine has made a Thai edition available, catering to Anntonia Porsild’s home country, further bridging the cultural exchange and celebrating the international bond the two queens share.

The collaboration between Michelle, a renowned Philippine beauty queen, and model, and Anntonia, Miss Supranational 2019 from Thailand, extends beyond the glossy pages. 

Since their pageant days, the duo has continued to captivate fans with their engaging TikTok content and appearances at various events. 

Anntonia has also been featured on Michelle Dee’s Instagram broadcast channel, highlighting their close friendship even after the pageant.

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