Home High demand prompts opening of new Taylor Swift elective courses at UP

High demand prompts opening of new Taylor Swift elective courses at UP

high demand prompts opening of new taylor swift elective courses at up

In highlighting the influence of pop culture on academic study, the University of the Philippines Diliman has introduced an elective course dedicated to the life and artistry of global pop icon Taylor Swift. 

This innovative class aims to delve into Swift’s impact on music, culture, and society, drawing immense interest from the student body.

The elective, which quickly surpassed registration expectations with over 300 students signing up, filled its initial slots within minutes, leading the university to accommodate the overwhelming demand by opening an additional class.

This decision underscores the significant interest among students to study the multifaceted aspects of Taylor Swift’s career and her role as a cultural phenomenon.

Professor Cherish Brillon, who spearheads the course, brings a unique perspective as both a Swiftie, having been a fan since the Red Era, and a scholar in Philippine media studies. 

Prof. Brillon’s approach aims to examine Taylor Swift’s celebrity status through various analytical lenses, including sex, gender, class, and more. 

“We’re going to treat Taylor Swift as a celebrity, which means we’re going to look at her from the lens of various ways of thinking, such as the intersection of sex, gender, and class,” Prof. Brillon explained, highlighting the course’s multidisciplinary framework.

The course promises to offer students like Shyne Cañezal, who has been a Swiftie since grade school, an opportunity to explore deeper societal issues reflected in Swift’s music and public persona. 

“I would love to delve deeper into the societal issues that we face in connection to Taylor Swift,” Cañezal shared, echoing the sentiments of many enrolled in the class.

According to Prof. Brillon, the curriculum will cover the conception, construction, and performance of Taylor Swift’s celebrity image, analyzing how it intersects with Filipinos’ and the media’s relationship with class, politics, gender, race, and the fantasies of success and mobility. 

The course aims to engage students in critical discussions about the broader implications of celebrity culture in the Philippines and beyond.

The introduction of this elective at the University of the Philippines Diliman follows a growing trend in academic institutions worldwide, including Stanford University, New York University, and Harvard University, which have also offered courses focused on Taylor Swift. 

This academic interest coincides with Swift’s continued global influence, highlighted by her upcoming sold-out shows in Singapore, the only Southeast Asia stop on her The Eras Tour.

This innovative academic offering not only celebrates Taylor Swift’s significant impact on music and culture but also encourages a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding celebrity influence in modern society.

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